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Mumbai bomb blasts JULY 11 2006
mumbai western rail network bomb blasts

There have been a total of 8 blasts at around 6.24 pm onwards as per reports there have been around 5 blasts all in the First class compartments and 2 on the platforms on borivli/ virar bound trains on line no 4 at matunga/mahim, khar/bandra santacruz 6.24, jogeshwari, borivli 2blasts 6.26 and mira/bhayanader 6.39 on the Mumbai Western Rail Network mostly on down fast trains in peak rush time jampacked with commuters going home from office.

Sadly as per DGP Maharashtra Police mr Pasricha at least 50 people have been killed and 200 people have been injured. This i think is conservative as i think the total toll will be a lot worse or atleast more than double of estimated.
this i say bcause western rail network handles at least 350% of capacity at peak time btween 5pm and 7pm,and for the last decade no substantial changes or additions or betterments have been made to mumbai rail.

Please pray for the innocent people who have perished and more so for the recovery of injured people. People who can donate blood please rush to hospitals in the effected areas like holy family hospital bandra sion , bhaba hospital etc.

As expected the govt rescue machinary has totally failed and the western rail has now been halted.the govt machinary or ambulance etc have been missing and most rescue has been done by commuters.
The nation and surrounding states like gujrat, mp etc r on hi alert.

Please dont painic and/or listen to rumors , and stay calm.
please dont bother calling anyone atleast for the next 2 hrs as the landline telephone network has been closed down and the moble network has jammed and is working sporadically.

The incompetent home minister mr shivraj patil was on television reading with some difficulty from a paper about what people should do and not do and baloni about the commitment of govt` to deal with evil designs of terrorists, rail minister who looks like he has no clue about the mumbai rail network is also talking and mostly it is his rail ministry officials who are talking to the press in his interview.

The incompetent home minister mr shivraj patil and the useless Rail minister mr laloo prasad yadhav-- n not to forget the great suuniaji will be meeting today with the prime minister and then mostly they all will come to mumbai tonite/tomorrow and make a big show of solidarity and cry a few fake tears then retire in their air conditioned cars and go and stay state guest house at malbar hill..........

The pictures circulated on news channels like ibn http://www.ibnlive.com/ show massive blasts and use of complicated explosives like plastic c4, ammonium nitrate or RDX cannot be ruled out. This is a fav weapon of the jihadi terror network of pakistan like jem or let and most probably their sleeper cells in muslim ghettos like mumbra, bhivandi behrampada etc could have carried this out

This comes just after the gruesome lynching of 2 police officials at the police station at bhivandi by an irate mob of extremist muslims aledgedly instigated by abu azmi, of the samajwadi party and the raza achademy and the seizure of a large ammount of RDX, detonators and explosives in muslim dominated pockets of maharashtra.

I suspect that the blasts have been carefull orchestrated by one/multiple sleeper cells and mimic the earlier blast paterns on soft targets like that on the LONDON TUBE NETWORK, and especially the old Mumbai blasts done by tiger memon n dawood ibrahim.

The old mumbai blasts of 1993, i must tell u have now become the buleprint of all jihadi networks to do timed almost simultaneous blasts. This is a gruesome tactic used by them. i was in school then and have seen the casualties being ferrried to the jj hospital from the stock exchange blasts.

One thing is clear that there has been a massive failure of the intelligence agencies and the mumbai police in detecting this tragedy.
I see this as the result of soft approach and appeasement of radical muslims by the central govt and some state govts so as to guarantee their vote banks.