Monday, July 31, 2006

Terror in India

For a newsbuff like me blogging is certainly addictive and i have been spending too much time on it, anyways here s one more post:-
I read somewhere about India being a week state, and it is at almost its weakest now looking at the reactions to an ever aggressive pakistan from the khadi clads sitting at delhi. Pak has given India a list of terror camps in India and wants them dismantled
The general is an expert at media manipulation, just like our media is at manipulating or denying or downplaying the radicalisation of muslims in India.
I think the General is right.
Ah? come again, is what? u might ask me - well i m gonna repeat the General is right.How? u might ask ?
Well how come terrorists move in and out of our country with relative ease after commiting these haenous crimes? they need logistics and places to stay and sleep (as in sleeper cells)----im talking about Terror Camps and hideouts .
There are at least a dozen prominent radical separatist groups operating terror camps in India and they do operate camps in India. The only difference s that my list differs from that of mushy.
We have three primary terror ideologies that india has to deal with
1. Central Indian terror - from bihar to maharashtra to andra this is the terror fueled by maoist naxalites:- their mouthpiece being gaddar
2. North East terror includes Christian Terrorism in Northeast India knapp
3. Pan Indian Islamic terror - from jnk to maharashtra to hyderabad and calcutta to down south in kerala the network is strengthening thanks to support from east and west pakistan with the main aim of Balkanisation of India if not its merger with pakistan. ariban
The current UPA Govt will i suspect do nothing to uproot this threat except for making a few arrests as it has to protect its vote banks ... only time will tell.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Motives of SIMI and LET

in my last post which i compiled from my reactions on various websites, i had talked about HARKAT UL JIHAAD e TALIBAN E HIND or Harkat ul Taliban-e-Islami Hind

The LeT’s professed ideology goes beyond merely challenging India's sovereignty over the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The Lashkar's ‘agenda’, as outlined in a pamphlet titled Why are we waging jihad includes the restoration of Islamic rule over all parts of India. Further, the outfit propagates a narrow Islamist fundamentalism preached by its mentor, the MDI. It seeks to bring about a union of all Muslim majority regions in countries that surround Pakistan. Towards that end, it is active in J&K, Chechnya and other parts of Central Asia. The outfit had claimed that it had assisted the Taliban militia and Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda terrorist network in Afghanistan during November and December 2002 atimes satp

i just casually surfing the times when i landed up at Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar article Terrorists as vote banks

For years I have argued that India needs police-judicial reform more urgently than further economic reform. Virtually nobody with resources is covicted beyond all appeals.

We have recently heard that the verdict in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blast case will be delivered in early August. Imagine, this top-priority case has dragged on for 13 years, despite being heard by a TADA court, with supposedly fast-track procedures!

So, do not mistake arrests by the police of suspects in the latest Mumbai blasts for quick action. This case too may take 13 years. Muslim organisations claim that many arrested in the 1993 case will be found innocent.
But having been locked up for 13 years, they may emerge as ripe terrorist material. Besides, callous politicians now use the police as a political tool.
When chief ministers regularly arrest opposition leaders on charges that never end in convictions, people see the police-judicial process as political theatre rather than a justice system.
This has accelerated the criminalisation of politics. A new, dangerous development is the emergence of terrorists as vote banks. Abdul Nasser Mahdani, chief accused in the 1998 Coimbatore bomb blast, is wooed by both the DMK and the Left Front.
Elections are won and lost on swings of just 1% of the vote, so parties cynically woo every possible vote bank, including those headed by accused robbers and murderers.
long legal delays (as in the Mumbai and Coimbatore blast cases) can fuel communal riots.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Danger to Civil Society from radicalisation of Islam

There is a lot that has been said and a very little done to counter the ideology and to to understand the Why aspect and the How aspect of not only the Mumbai rail blasts but several other terrorist incidents that happen almost routinely in our country. Everyday the news media- i mean especially the tv media screams about someone being arrested, some network being busted, some threat being neutralised and some plan that the terrorists has to blast/ destroy x place, key members behind the Mumbai train plot namely Faizal Sheikh and his 22-year-old brother Muzammil Rehman being taken into custody.The press and the politicians have mainly blamed guesses needed here -PAKISTAN
This 24 hr news frezy is somehow cluttering our minds and we are loosing perspective or the bigger picture here.
If the Mumbai Police arrests all of them perpetrators of the Mumbai blasts, the question to ask is - will they ever be prosecuted and sentenced in- say a year? Looks quite doubtful if u trust the courts or the second pillar of the Indian democracy badly in need of a complete renovation like the old buildings of Mumbai.Even if they r tried summarily in a military court which is unlikely and HANGED
will the terror attacks in INDIA say NO .
What im getting to is that this will repeat keep repeating and we will have to live with it, until there is real change in the whole thinking. What the govt is doing is like plugging holes in a leaky roof instead of fixing it, and i see that there is no political will either to just change the damn roof or concretise or waterproof it.
These terrorists are working with an Ideology and that is what should be countered.
Just killing a few here and arresting a few there will do no good, we will have to get to that ideology and make sure we effectively counter it.
The fault lies not with pakistan but within and until We indians learn to live as a cohesive extended all encompassing family things will never change. Sadly many muslims in india want to maintain a sort of exclusivity...
Please read a very interesting paper from the South Asian Analysts Group by by R. Upadhyay, if u have the patience.
Therefore i grade Muslims in India as :-
1. INDIAN MUSLIMS- who are Indians first, muslims next who believe that the state and the constitution is primary and the religion is secondary and have no quams in saying VANDE MATARAM OR JAI HIND and are secular, highly educated and apolitical people and have thus made a name for themselves in different fields.
2. The Intellectual Cowards and Communist INDIAN MUSLIMS -Who are proud to be Indians, modern secular and integrated with society as a whole, id say model citizens but those who are political or semi political people. They are the ones that are in denial or keeping silent about the existence of people coming under category 3 and 4 in our nation.
They loudly rant that terrorism has no religion & we should be united against it, in one breath and in the very next one call the Shiv sena, RSS and other right wingers as radical Hindu fundamentalists out to destroy the secular fabric of this country.

1 and 2 constitute a large but silent minority, im saying this as i have never seen them taking morchas after the Mumbai blasts or say a word or whimper against the people who take out Morchas at Azad maidan against "Vande Maataram", or Dutch Cartoons.

3. MUSLIM INDIANS and their minions of illiterate followers- (MAJORITY) who are muslims first, Indians next and dont mind living in India on the condition that they will have a state within a state sort of survival.
These are the 5 jamaats ruling muslim india and constituting the extrajudicial body called the AIMPLB,who decide- Muslim law in entirety and are above the supreme court (Shah banoo is case and point). They literally rule the majority of illiterate musilms whose only education is in a madarsa funded by the Indian state and/or funded via Zakaat from rich businessmen or from Middle East, issuing fatwas from the jama masjid and other masjids on every aspect of life, and going to any extent so as to maintain their hegemony and say.Their easiest and biggest targets are women.
Fully supported by politicians Imams like Bukhari and a zealot Urdu press they have managed to keep majority muslims feudal, illiterate and in constant denial of facts.(if urdu press have their way the Mumbai blasts were carried out by radical hindus who also carried out the attack on the RSS headquarters)
Religious discipline and indoctrination is stricty enforced as urdu is the primary methd of education and learning it is compulsory.
read sea wahabism

4. RADICAL MUSLIMS or ISLAMISTS are those people who forgot to goto pakistan when it was formed, need i say more. Their sole intension is to merge india into pakistan
and make it a full muslim state under the pan Islamic caliphate .

5.The Aids virus - the Hindu Muslims-
I don’t need to name the politicians, there are scores of them filling the rank and file of Kanghress, Saamajwadi Party , Rashtriya Janta Dhaal the Kolkatta and Kerala Communists etc -of them mulayam is notorious - he once said we should give pakistan aid,now says simi is innocent and is outdone by his senior state minister Mohammad Azam Khan who demands a ‘Muslim Pradesh’ in Western UP. Congress cant be left behind now can it -they have brought the IMDT Act ruled as anti constitutional by the Supreme court lets not forget the Shah Banoo case either. Our communists r true communists ie anti hindu. The Congress(DMK)and Communists woo parties like the PDP & Indian Union muslim league in South India by passing resolutions in Kerala state assembly to free Coimbatore bomb blast mastermind PDP Terrorist Abdul Nasser Madni -just to garner votes.With IUML AND PDP one need not wonder why simi has major setup in kerala) chk out the flag of IUML

6.Lastly we must not forget the West apeing, Right wing hating,communist loving White or English Press/TV channels of India(who are so politically correct that they almost belong to a certain community)
They know how to hush up or downplay stories like the Hindu Massacre at marad beach in Kerala,Congress party gets the IMDT act from the backdoor in north east to legalise bangaldeshi migrant population while on the other hand they make a big issue about sainiks torching a bus and trying to enforce a bandh(not that its not condemnable).
Hey everyone knows how the likes of the dehli tv channel and the ironically named Hindu
first portrayed the mumbra terrorist Ishrat Jahan (and abt compensations offered by samajwadi and congress to her family).Almost all leading english channels and dailys are filled with communist socialist jnu biproducts that publish enough material nonstop to brainwash hindus into thinking that they are always wrong or to blame when it is quite the opposite.
read rajeevs blog from my links and also read shekar gupta of express below newsweek and its suspect errata.

also a good read - talveen singh talveen singh

YES terrorism has a name and a face and a religion it is extremist wahabi/deobandi/bareilvi islam - which has declared a war against India and they will not stop until they overwhelm to majority, kill or convert every person to their faith or ideology or till they acheive so called martyrdom and they have declared a war on india
- someone should tell this to the most of the Editors of news and print media and the know it all ibn editor and also its citizen journalist- shabana azmi.
If these radicals are like a cancer eating India, then the Politically correct (of a certain community) type English press n Politicians of UPA Samajwadi and Commis are like AIDS destroying our nations immunity.
Dont ask me u can get a lot of material from rajeev or even varnam

Forget dealing with Pakistan and pak based terror outfits like united jihad council or the Lashkar-e-taiba or the jaish e mohammed.The bongling bong defence ministers panicky reaction abt hot persuit is sufficient evidence.BJP is no better as they according to me handled the kargil crices poorly if u take it from the angle of the troops on the ground(even though it was a great PR success branding pakistan as the epicentre of Jihad forever).

The poignant question to ask here is HOW and WHO will deal with the fundamentalist ideology behind the HARKAT UL JIHAAD e TALIBAN E HIND or Harkat ul Taliban-e-Islami Hind(however u want to translate it) ,their idealogues at the Darul Ulum Deoband and their foot soldiers the Tabliti Jamaat, who are eating at the very foundation of the indian state at speed similar to Logging companies destroying rainforests around the world, thanks to the support from inside and outside India.

Not that i am pro BJP let alone the Sena or Bajrang Dal, their stints in maharashtra and the centre were no different from the Congress, but right now like it or not they r essential on the frontline in the war on terror. Wasn’t Mumbai targeted because of a lack of easy targets in Gujarat? Thanks to the no nonsense policy of Modi even after being denied an anti terror law like the mcocca or pota by the congress appointed governor. Secondly though both Congress and BJP freed terrorists bot the circumstances cannot be compared.
A friend of mine once said hey it is because of their fear that i can walk the street by the neighborhood mosque without any fear, intimidation or humiliation .
As it is the Congress treats the majority Hindus as second class citizens.

Sadly Indian Hindus who have been educated using unhealthy doses of balbharti books propogating anti Hindu pro-socialist nehruvian styled ideas written mostly by leftists and communists from jnu have mostly lost their confidence and sense of identity and pride in being Hindu.
Since the british times we have been divided according to caste and reservations have only aided to the hatred among Hindus.Bloodthirsty muslim rulers like Tipu Sultan have been glorified as great patriots while chapters on the destruction of temples, forced conversions, massacres and autocrcies by many muslim rulers like Aurangzeb, Ghazni etc have been omitted in toto,on the pretext of maintianing communal harmony, while untouchability is always played up showing brahmins in bad light.
we keep blaming ourselves for all evil perpetrated by the jihadis thanks to the constant reminder by the media and politicians of godra and babri masjid.
The spin and brainwash is so intense the big lie is so well presented that people end up believing it.
Vallabhbhai Patel famously remarked, just before the partition, that in India there's only one nationalist Muslim: Jawaharlal Nehru. And, three decades before the partition of India, Sri Aurobindo raised the question about the fundamental intolerance of Islam: "How is it possible to live peacefully with a religion whose principle is 'I will not tolerate you?' How are you going to have unity with these people?" Sri Aurobindo cited the Koranic injunction (chapter IX, verse 5): "Slay the Idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them captive, and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent [i.e. convert to Islam] and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave them free. Lo! Allah is forgiving, merciful."
When wil indians learn from the mistake made by prithvi raj chauhan ?
The state of the minority Kashmiri Pandit Community is a sufficient indicator of the way the state treats Hindus. I shudder to think of the state of Hindus in a Muslim dominated India.
anyways research deflowering of aisha -on google if u have time to kill

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Save as Draft

Well, i was just typing a big post on the hypocracy and duplicity of the current upa govt at the centre and total failure of the indian state to deal with the scurge of terrorism when suddenly my browser just shut down , making me loose an hrs worth of work and typing effort as if it was a sign that all pervading sp-EyE-nx had just gotten into my windows dabba and killed my firefox to issue me a warning sign.

Valuable Lesson learnt from this episode -
SAVE UR POSTS while u type them - Save as Draft lest ur browser dies u.
As it is getting a bit late and have lot of work to do
So ill be posting it later thats for sure.
this isthe link to the toi petition
i signed up solely bcause they r claim
For every signature, The Times Of India will donate Re 1 for the welfare of those affected in the recent Mumbai blasts. Hope they keep their word.
I really think the useless govts- both state and centre wont do much more than lip service and give us loose change or chutta ... time will tell

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Victory to Bloggers Collective

Well it is a victory to the bloggers collective and a slap on the face of babudum and their political handlers and masters - the politicians of the UPA .

The blog domains have now been unblocked and u can access ur blog and all other blogs barring a few restricticted blogs which id say is overall fine with me
Atleast mtnl adsl has unblocked the ips of blogspot.

hathway mumbai hasnt still removed the ban on blogspot,after the govt, as a face saving measure,issued a diktat to the isps.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why should we pay taxes?

im back
Well was too busy as a good taxpaying citizen with taxes as the deadline is 31 of this month. Sometimes i wonder for what? They always collect taxes and when it comes time for refund it takes 6 months at least i havent gt refund for a return filed 2 yrs ago. They keep increasing targets for mumbai and the crazy itos just sit on refunds.Worse is law abiding citizens with small incomes filing returns can be unduely harassed, while large income earners get away by bribing the ito or simply not filing returns.Every CA must be well aware of the 10% rule.

The roads r utter crap,and resemble moon craters and the garbage littered at every street corner fr days on end, and nobody really cares. what is the benifit of living in south mumbai, and having milind deora as a representative? He has done nothing much in my area except show his face during elections and talk about his qualifications, just like any politician, he has not even asked a qn in parliament. we thought he was better but sadly im wrong.At least jaiwantiben had redone the roads once.

Sadly this govt and its leader reminds me about her ma in law and the bad old days of emergency. but they are stuck in a time warp and blocking and banning anything on the net is quite impossible, and anyone can find a workaround in minutes.
use it is fast and easy and convenient
for a whole list try

when i read the list of blocked sites, i also noticed one thing, they have mainly targetted pro hindu /rss websites and an anticommi blog to balance it out 1 extremist dalit website and and a few other blogs that overall didnt make much sense.

wasnt the ban supposedly enforced for banning the blogs used by terrorists for their communication? well i figured out most islamic websites r still running fine and spewing a lot of anti hindu material. The LET Founders website is running just fine, so is the website of the fatwa machine
i havent bothered to search many others bt there is one interesting case that somehow says, from the way the blogger posts - that all muslims r always innocent peace and hindu loving targets
and the indian state is out to get them and do injustice to minorities, and right wing hindu organsiations r all barbaric monsters just out to get them.
This is a unique angle of presentation,which is doing rounds everywhere. Roughly saying WE CAN DO NO WRONG!!!WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WRONGED !!

The fact is that politics of appeasement of the congress communists and the worst lot - the samajwadis and rjds is now backfiring on the common law abiding citizen, as he is the balika bakra or their easiest target.
The political elite of india r simply imune to the stress and anxiety faced by the common mumbaikar or the aam admi nywhere in india - cause they travel in their bullet proof cars with spg and z+security cover and their staff and secretary, get free business class tickets in air india and indian airlines, air conditioned bungalows all built and run with taxayers money.Thats not all, win an election and get pension for life. They dont face any shortages not electricity, not food, not water, not bad roads bad telephones etc, do they even pay their telephone and e/c bill? well the congress govt in punjab pays its ministers taxes.
It is like they have their own little forbidden city totally cut off from the people they represent.
All problems are reserved fr the common amm admi and especially for the bill paying middle class.

The politicians, all the same r just getting added security cover using more taxpayers money, see walk the talk on ndtv - deshmukh had atleast 25 policemen with him and they sealed an entire bridge and a platform for him to walk and talk alot of crap, lies etc with utter sincerety.
Did he hav the guts to walk with 1 or 2 plain clothes policemen among the mumbai public like a common man? if he did probably he would have to face a chappal or two. Just imagine the trouble to commuters. Also imagine the security cover sonia wd have got - they wd have to empty the station for 4 hrs and maybe also a perimeter of 200 metres and put snipers all around mahim to protect her.

Also as i mentioned earlier trains in Mumbai are absolutely filled / crammed / jampacked with people in the rush hour .
The situation is so bad that even transporting chickens in this manner would lead to protests from maneka gandhi and animal rights activists. the terrorists have now made us feel like chickens at their mercy.
The police repressed strikes by people protesting the lack of trains just a few months back im posting a link abt the same from some commi web archive.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Mumbai First

the one thing that mumbai now needs is lots of money a good leader and an overhaul of its infrastructure and some tough decision making.
i dont think any of the current bunch of jokers from the bmc to the mmrda to the cm can do it. like it or not we need a single voice from mumbai who would be responsible for all actions taken .. someone like a way better verson of bal thackarey (he did some good for mumbai too)
i would like to put up a charter for things that need to be done so as to make life of a working mumbaikar better.....and as this is the best time asking for it

1.Integrating and organising the local road and rail transport network while removing the mumbai western and central rail from the Central rail network and having a separate fund allocation and dedicated team to oversea it, being solely responsible for all actions taken so as to maintian Unity of command and responsibility.

2. Converting all trains plying passangers in mumbai to modern 12 coach rakes so that the average load per bogie is decreased form 350% to 200% in rush hour.15 coach rakes to be used in rush hour 3 of which should be only for vasai virar long distance travellers and those bogies to be filled only at a few stations.

3. All stations and facilities on stations to be modernised and entry exit points monitered by cctv. Total overhaul and modernisation of platforms.Funding can come by making them 1/2 floored and having food courts and shopping malls on them.
ticket counters to be better managed so that counters are open when they should as per the time table,as normally half the counters meant to be open are shut.
ticketing via atms of banks at stations for bank customers .

4. Toilets at all stations and specally important stations like grant rd,l parel, dadar, bandra, andheri borivli to be made hygenic clean and useable (like churchgate station).

5. Removal or shutting down or better linking of the kurla station used for outbound trains as it is a big nuiscance to just reach there, let alone board a train.

6. Delinking BEST Transport and E/c and the loss making transport dept be subsidised by central govt on lines of metro rail in Delhi.

7. Guarantee and funds from the central govt for doing something about zopadpatti and unadhikrut bandkaam. Guarantee from centre/ supreme court intervention that no state govt will ever extend the date for free housing or settlement of migrants atleast until current zopadpattis r rehoused in a phased manner in next 60 months.
Protecting open spaces parks and gardens etc.

8. Removal of all bangladeshis from mumbais soil and shooting/killing of all history sheater slumlords and criminals not withstanding whichever political party they may be affiliated to or however many cases they have against them as litigation will never bring them to book and they will eventually run their gangs from arthur road jail.

9. A tax/subsidee to be levied on central govt(or states which they belong to) for every person entering mumbai from other states for building a corpus for providing housing to them.
heavy tax to be levied on those people selling free housing given to them so that they cannot make it a source of income and go back to make other zopadpattis and so that the state recovers the cost of the said house and this burden is not borne by middleclass taxpayer.

10. Special rebate or increase in rebate on HRA for mumbaikars as rents here are way above the national average.Also LIC and other insurers should be asked to do viability assessment for creating a policy for mumbaikars agains a terrorist attacks and natural disasters like floods etc so people can subscribe to it.

11. An apolitical mumbai police commissioner and a very good Statewide ATS and zero interference from politicians.
Strict surveillance of all radical muslim mosques and pockets in mumbai and maharashtra by police who should be given a free hand.Arrest of religious minority leaders/politicians especially those that infuriate and radicalise muslim population.
This is done in countries like singapore malaysia and thailand bcause political will exhists there.
Strict surveillance of builders and local politicians contracters and officials and havala operators by a committee Police, ED , press and high court judge or people like khairnar for checking and monitoring corruption.

12. Central/state govts to stop appeasement of minorities.(eg imdt act)(religion or cast based reservation)
Changing the constitution to make strict guidelines for citizenship retrospectively
especially to prevent bangladeshis`/ foreigners children born here from bcoming citizens automatically.
Make tough new laws especially meant for dealing with terrorists.

farfetched ideas
Removal of article 370 and implementing uniform civil code for all and packing up of AIMPLB and minority commission.

A different Mumbai

well things will never be the same again
i was on a western rail train today, amazingly there was no semblence of secutity there worse i climbed into a bogie which resembled a kabutarkhana and i suspect was a converted from a mail dabba to a passanger bogie. When will they learn to improve the situatuion and sincerely put some funds to improve mumbai rail.
What i noticed was population vv angry and scared and on the edge. Never had i seen so many ladies in the gen bogie, but with at least a family member with them. well i dont blame them - better to die with a family member rather than anguish about their well being.
the people most scared must be pickpocketers vagabounds and druggies etc. I am sure a few might just get lynched as one was almost thrown out of the train which i was travelling in.
laloo says hum strengthn karange hum kutta khufiya kutto ko lagayenge - ccvt aur kamara lagayenge.rpf ko pasngr safty denge aur equpment se less karnge- We will have lots of security-cctv at imp stations- make the equip the rpf with modern equipment -2nd day and i didnt see any and rpf goons from up bihar? hope they will do no harm..
and i personally feel cctv might help
too laloo id say
agar kutton kohi lagana hai to apne aur sare politician- thode filmstars ke gale mein patta dalke station pe khade raho
there must be atleast 2 guards on every platform visible to all not siting on a ladies bench eating pan tambaku...
Instead of putting guards on trains and increasing the gardi (overcrouding), he must decongest the rail and most of all we the citizens should be more responsible and a bit more cautious and look over our sholder. Good regular commuters should be given training in basic safety emergency services and first aid and right to be citizen policemen..
it will be useless to waste too much time on the ssc passed almost anpad gawar rpf guard to be given sofisticated training and equipment only to find out that the equipment has been damaged by his paan tambaku habit.

For a mumbaikar we dont have an option to but to board a train due to its cost efficiency and lack of other options
jeena yaha marna yaha iske siva jaana kaha

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Well the toll so far is over 190 people dead 450+ injured and hopefully the death toll should not cross 200 the list of the dead and injured are posted by mumbai police on their website hospitalwise

to sms ur near dear ones via email try phonenumber@carrier
Hutch/Orange: Airtel:
Idea: Reliance:
Tata Tele: MTNL:
BPL Mumbai: BPL Maharashtra:
Reliance Infocomm:

The police have put metal detectors at every station but what about all the illegal entry points at stations where one can jump or crall to get in

Also the railway officials and especially all rail ministers including laloo yadhav r also responsible for this blast indirectly
No one cares about us bcause we r working people who generally pay for local train tickets and public utilities, unlike people in most states. we dont have time to do morchas to protest the real pathetic state out public transport is in.

The central govt can subsidise half fare of people using the metro rail in delhi but cant subidize the mumbai BEST bus service or the cost of improving the rail service.

believe or not the indian rail has no funds for making all local trains 12 coach rakesbut does not allow a separation of mumbai rail from national rail so as not to loose a substantial chunk of revenue from ticket paying mumbaikars.
About 4700 passengers travel in a 9-car rake during peak hours, as against its rated carrying capacity of only 1,700.

The Mah Govt one of the richest states post independence is almost bankrupt because of very poor policies and mismanagemnt and politicians cooperatives milking the system.We the people of mumbai via hi taxes on property transactions etc or maharashtra state are also expected to rehouse all the land grabs of zopadpattis made mostly by people coming from up bihar calcutta bangladesh etc for free delaying any development projects.

If something was done to ease the peak time congestion the situation and fatalities would be a lot less .

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

most mumbai mtnl telephone network has now started working,
in other words its decongested or switched on.
people stuck on the western line r using whatever means like
trucks buses volvos taxis etc to go home.
the police are helping in easing the congestion and helping people reach home

the cm has declared that trrow ie wednesday the 12th will be an official working day and offices colleges n schools will remain open.

it all depends upon the ability of the laloos babus to get the railway nework up and running ... doesnt it
lets see if the great laloo ka rail will manage to start the rail service and the virar fast which is the lifeline of our suburbs and the target of the terrorists.

on a lighter note, laloo at least remembered that there is a rail network that exhists in mumbai, as it is hes so busy announcing multiple trains coming to mumbai from patna in his rail budget so as to increase mumbais unwanted population.

the real challange for him will be to make sure that the peak rush public gets a place to stand on their two feet and not be crushed by someone around them and to confidently take a virar fast and get down at andheri .

As per latest reports a new or 3rd bomb has been found and defused at borivli
as per figures confirmed approx 103/7 people have died and 250+ are injured
people have been taken to hinduja hospital bandra and holy cross bandra etc
from the mahim area

figures by ndtv 137 dead

Mostly trrow may be declared as a bombay band and the entire jingbang of
politicians from the congress especially sonia gandhi, laloo yadav, shivraj patil,pm manmohan singh etc and bjps l k advani will arrive to survey the areas and cause massive public inconvenience all around mumbai with their convoys of cars and security..

the central rail network and harbor line is working so people who can find friends relatives on central side please use central rail u can use the harbour line to andheri then tru other methods

the mtnl landline network is still down/congested in some areas
they r working in mahim as a friend of mine told me , most mobile networks are congested and people going home will definitely be delayed so hey people dont worry so much and have trust in god
just wait for the phones to get back to normal and then contact ur
near and dear ones

Helplines for information on victims of Tuesday's serial blasts on trains and at railway stations in Mumbai.

Western Railways 22005388
Cooper Hospital 26207254 26207256
Hinduja Hospital 24451515 24452222
Lilavati Hospital 6438281/82
Bhabha Hospital 6422775

links to sites

Mumbai bomb blasts JULY 11 2006
mumbai western rail network bomb blasts

There have been a total of 8 blasts at around 6.24 pm onwards as per reports there have been around 5 blasts all in the First class compartments and 2 on the platforms on borivli/ virar bound trains on line no 4 at matunga/mahim, khar/bandra santacruz 6.24, jogeshwari, borivli 2blasts 6.26 and mira/bhayanader 6.39 on the Mumbai Western Rail Network mostly on down fast trains in peak rush time jampacked with commuters going home from office.

Sadly as per DGP Maharashtra Police mr Pasricha at least 50 people have been killed and 200 people have been injured. This i think is conservative as i think the total toll will be a lot worse or atleast more than double of estimated.
this i say bcause western rail network handles at least 350% of capacity at peak time btween 5pm and 7pm,and for the last decade no substantial changes or additions or betterments have been made to mumbai rail.

Please pray for the innocent people who have perished and more so for the recovery of injured people. People who can donate blood please rush to hospitals in the effected areas like holy family hospital bandra sion , bhaba hospital etc.

As expected the govt rescue machinary has totally failed and the western rail has now been halted.the govt machinary or ambulance etc have been missing and most rescue has been done by commuters.
The nation and surrounding states like gujrat, mp etc r on hi alert.

Please dont painic and/or listen to rumors , and stay calm.
please dont bother calling anyone atleast for the next 2 hrs as the landline telephone network has been closed down and the moble network has jammed and is working sporadically.

The incompetent home minister mr shivraj patil was on television reading with some difficulty from a paper about what people should do and not do and baloni about the commitment of govt` to deal with evil designs of terrorists, rail minister who looks like he has no clue about the mumbai rail network is also talking and mostly it is his rail ministry officials who are talking to the press in his interview.

The incompetent home minister mr shivraj patil and the useless Rail minister mr laloo prasad yadhav-- n not to forget the great suuniaji will be meeting today with the prime minister and then mostly they all will come to mumbai tonite/tomorrow and make a big show of solidarity and cry a few fake tears then retire in their air conditioned cars and go and stay state guest house at malbar hill..........

The pictures circulated on news channels like ibn show massive blasts and use of complicated explosives like plastic c4, ammonium nitrate or RDX cannot be ruled out. This is a fav weapon of the jihadi terror network of pakistan like jem or let and most probably their sleeper cells in muslim ghettos like mumbra, bhivandi behrampada etc could have carried this out

This comes just after the gruesome lynching of 2 police officials at the police station at bhivandi by an irate mob of extremist muslims aledgedly instigated by abu azmi, of the samajwadi party and the raza achademy and the seizure of a large ammount of RDX, detonators and explosives in muslim dominated pockets of maharashtra.

I suspect that the blasts have been carefull orchestrated by one/multiple sleeper cells and mimic the earlier blast paterns on soft targets like that on the LONDON TUBE NETWORK, and especially the old Mumbai blasts done by tiger memon n dawood ibrahim.

The old mumbai blasts of 1993, i must tell u have now become the buleprint of all jihadi networks to do timed almost simultaneous blasts. This is a gruesome tactic used by them. i was in school then and have seen the casualties being ferrried to the jj hospital from the stock exchange blasts.

One thing is clear that there has been a massive failure of the intelligence agencies and the mumbai police in detecting this tragedy.
I see this as the result of soft approach and appeasement of radical muslims by the central govt and some state govts so as to guarantee their vote banks.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

MUMBAI the financial capital of india or the city of Bombay-
originally consisted of seven islands, namely Colaba, Mazagaon, Old Woman's Island, Wadala, Mahim, Parel, and Matunga-Sion later merged into one city,
now for the last couple of days truely resembles a bog ,

Its like going back into history as mumbai is now breaking up into hundreds of small islands thanks to the floods and to the shear density of people, migrants, zopadpattis and specially greedy politicians and administrative officials and Builders.

a few days of rain have successfully bought this economic juggernaut of a city that runs the cogs of india this never sleeping , allways moving city to a virtual standstill .

im passionate about my city but as things stand now i have slowly bcome frustrated and just feel like leaving this city as fighting the establishment is just plain impossible as corruption and unaccountability have pervaded our system called democracy of this city , state and nation and for simple basic ammenities people have to wait for a lifetime.

i am a third generation marathi speaking (non marathi) mumbaikar living in south mumbai and occurings of late really alarm me.