Thursday, August 24, 2006

Netherland arrests and Fatwas

After calls by bukhari to all and sundry to stop singing the National song, Vande Mataram as it is 'against Islamic beliefs' and asking Muslims to sing it would amount to 'suppression' of the community, the ummah or their leadership in hyederabad have now issued a fatwa asking Muslims not to admit their children in schools where Vande Mataram is sung every morning. Children who are already studying in such institutions must be immediately shifted to other schools.
Muftis, including All--India Sunni Ulema Board president Moulana Syed Shah Badruddin Qadri Aljeelani, Moulana Mohammed Hasnuddin, Moulana Mohammed Mastan Ali, Nazima Aziz and Rizwana Zarreen of Jamiat--ul--Mominath, jointly issued the fatwa.
Not to be left behind the infamous Raza Achademy (of bhivandi lynching fame)having a barelvi shia background has announced its plan to challenge the BMC resolution making it mandatory for civic schools to begin the day with the famous Bankim song.

In the Netherlands,the 15 Indians arrested for suspicious behaviour and using mobiles on the Northwest flights have finally been freed.Those detained were sunni muslim Memons, most of whom were in the cloth export business.
"Is keeping beard a sin in this world?" screams Abdul Kadar Kolsawala, 70, on the top of his voice in his two-room apartment at Memon Colony in Jogeshwari, a north-western suburb of Mumbai."The terrorists get away all the time but it is only innocent Muslims who are caught," says Kadar.Maybe he is right, cause normally in India it is the big fish that always get away.

What one cannot however forget is that the Mumbai serial blasts of 1993 where carried out by Tiger Memon and group still on the Mumbai Police Most Wanted list and that Abu Bakr Osman Mitha who raised the Special Services Group(SSG)of Pakistan and was the first director of ISI was also a Memon.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Tribute to the legendary Ustad Bismillah Khan Sahib

I would like to pay tribute to the legendary Ustad Bismillah Khan Sahib, most of all for living such a glorious and graceful life dedicated to hindustani classical music and the Shehnai.
He will always be known for his humility, simplicity, childlike qualities, and for dedicating his life to music, and understanding the true meaning of god.
Though a devout Shia Muslim , he was also a devotee of Saraswati.
For the Shias, music is haraam (taboo)and is condemed as an act of rape.He said
"Music, sur, namaaz. It is the same thing. We reach Allah in different ways. A musician can learn. He can play beautifully. But unless he can mix his music with religion, unless he strives to meet God, he will only have kalaa (art) but no assar (mystical union). He will always stand at the ocean and never reach the heights of purity."
"When maulvis and maulanas ask me about this, I tell them, sometimes with irritation, that I can't explain it. I feel it. I feel it. If music is haraam then why has it reached such heights? Why does it make me soar towards heaven? The religion of music is one. All others are different. I tell the maulanas, this is the only haqeeqat (reality). This is the world. My namaaz is the seven shuddh and five komal surs. And if this is haraam, then I say: aur haraam karo, aur haraam karo (if music be a thing of sin, sin on)."
"I was once in an argument with some Shia maulavis in Iraq. They were all well-versed in their subject and were making several effective arguments about reasons why music ought to be damned. At first I was left speechless. Then I closed my eyes and began to sing Raga Bhairav: Allah-hee....Allah-hee....Allah-hee...I continued to raise the pitch. I opened my eyes and I asked them: 'Is this haraam? I'm calling God. I'm thinking of Him, I'm searching for Him. Isn't this namaaz? Why do you call my search haraam?'" They fell silent.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Useful Idiots

I came across this wonderful article in some blog which i think is a must read
Useful Idiots
I really think this nation and especially the english print and Tv media and the political establishment are filled with them.It is a fashion to treat hinduism as a backward religion and hindu lingo as backwardistic while using biblical words and koranic lingo in their language.
Heres one more pearl of wisdom from the Shahi imam of Delhi
National song Vande Mataram is 'against Islamic beliefs' and asking Muslims to sing it would amount to 'suppression' of the community, Shahi Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari said on Sunday.

Ps did u know that the full and propername of our neighbour is Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Musharaff : Pakistan will cooperate with India to root out terrorism but will pay back in the ‘‘same coin’’ if any ‘‘punitive action’’ is initiated against it in ‘‘hot pursuit’’ of terrorists, President Pervez Musharraf
Interpretation: We have missiles, we have Nukes,I am loosing control over my faculties and I cant control the TPO(Terror Process Outsourcing) industry called ISI and cant do much except talking.Only bush has the solemn right for hot persuit in Waziristan that too bcause 1. he promised me new toys and children live in us.

The TOI headline went- PM talks tough on terror, says India won’t be cowed
Interpretation: What else can I do except talk tough?
If i act,i may just loose my chair, we might loose support we have in coming uttar pradesh elections to mulayam, not to forget the Madni loving commis and the dmk in the south who are everready to withdraw support anytime.

The Express headline went- PM spoke forcefully in I-Day address: Sonia
Interpretation: Aaey Baraaaat ke Logoon zara gaur se sunnnooo - mere kutaea ko bhoknaaa bi aataa hai.

Tasnim Aslam said, "Pakistan is committed to fight terrorism. We are also committed to peace process with India."to allow terrorism to undermine this process would be very unfortunate."'Give us evidence on terrorism'
Interpretation: Dont destroy our peace process.We are talking with u arnt we? U people are Ungrateful.Dont call our freedom fighters terrorists. Give us more photos of our national heros.
Pakistan only fights terrorism directed towards the gora saabs in us and uk .

Me - too bored with this politiking and its time to goto sleep

Monday, August 14, 2006

Write to the President

If you are against the Office Of Profit bill giving politicians retrospective amnesty for their illegal actions, please go ahead and write to The President of India
Shri Abdul Kalam at either
his email address:
or at his Website
and be heard .

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Political Compulsions

Can the Alquaeda or Taliban or the Dawa or any other terror agency of repute move funds or collect funds without the knowledge or active cooperation of elements in the govt of Pakistan or ISI? As it is Taliban is being reactivated so that the large Drug revenue from the crimson belt is not denied to the ISI.
The fact is that every attack on India helps Mushy to hold on to his power/post/office by deflecting attension of the paki public from his pathetic record at home and on the kashmir strategy, as much as it helps him to stay in the good books of the west (and be Bushs posterboy) by sacrificing a few pawns in this international hi staked game.

It suits the West and local Indian politicians to turn a blind eye on Mushys overt and covert(using terror/jihad)low intensity war against India including random terror attacks,if and only if they are strictly low intensity and casualty rates are low so that outcry is limited.
All that Western world wants is a safe home front devoid of terror attacks and a few taliban and quaeda elements once in a while so as to shore up their popularity ratings or political TRPs as i call them.

Has Laden or Zawahiri or any big fish ever been caught and handed over to the US?
It is unlikely that the creamy layer will ever be handed over to the Americans alive.

The indian upa/most politicians are too scared to act bcause
1.They know whatever happens to the citizens they will always be saved and isolated from any threat, thanks to the NSG and tax payers money.Upping the ante would mean direct threat on their lives,Assassination of the First family.
2.They will also loose political support from the 25 to 30% of the indian population and their much coveted guaranteed vote banks.
3.Not only that the Commis and sculars and the paki loving intelligencia and press will eat them alive.

Terror Alert Everywhere

I had been to chk out the R mall at Mulund today and their pvt security was really tight, these people were so on the edge that a mother had to open her babys milk bottle and have some of it to show them that it was indeed milk(not kiddin). I have mixed feelings abt all this security.It is heartening that individuals and corporates are taking their and their patrons security pretty seriously, and people still flock to visit malls,theatres etc and live their life on their own terms not bowing down to the terror threat.
But if i muse over it and think of the bigger picture i simply feel like im getting afflicted by the Boiling frog Syndrome. I may be generalising here but deep down in the mind of every mumbaikar is that lingering doubt or fear, not only of loosing his life and limb but moreso of loosing the life of a loved one.
We are virtually being placed by our vote hungry politicians to the mercy of the terrorists by their deeds and politics of division. They are not at all serious about tackling this terror threat and have not even made a long term strategy so as to counter terrorist ideoligy or radicalism or to tackle its main mentor Pakistan and finanier ISI and the Quaeda and the aam pakistani(chk how the dawa collects funds).
I was musing about how we as citizens could change our lifestyles so as to be that we can counter this menace individually.Ill post on that topic later.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Inshallah, Kashmir Will Become Part Of Pakistan

Read this interview from Outlook (editor - Vinod Mehta)with Asiya Andrabi aka Malka-ul-Maut (Angel of Death)...from the Dukkarand-e-Millat oops Dukhtaran-e-Millat
It spells out clearly the mindset and ultimate goal of all Jihadi and talibani type 4 muslims as i call them.

My organisation has a religious basis. It all started with my reading the Holy Quran, and the Holy Quran tells us that there is only one Lord. We believe in the oneness of Allah the Almighty. The whole universe has to be governed by the laws of Allah the Almighty.
So, the strong belief of Dukhtaran-e-Millat is that we want the whole universe to be governed by the laws of Allah the Almighty. Based on Islamic teachings, we are fighting against India. I am telling you that this is Islam, this is my religion. I don't believe in Kashmiriyat, I don't believe in nationalism. I believe that there are just two nations—Muslims and non-Muslims. I am a Muslim; I am least bothered whether I will be called a Kashmiri. I'm Andrabi, I'm from the Syed dynasty. I'm not actually Kashmiri, I'm Arab, my ancestors had come from Arabia to Central Asia. I believe in Islamic nationalism.
So as far as our ideology is concerned, Kashmir is not a part of India because united India was divided on the basis of religion.
Islamic teaching says there should be one ummah and we have one leader—Prophet Mohammed. The ummah is one unit and we are working on this. This is not just the job of Asiya. It may not be completed in my lifetime. It may be Asiya's son or grandson. It
Yes, this is a long-term goal. And the short-term goal is that we want accession with Pakistan. Not with the idea of Pakistani nationality but inshallah Kashmir will become part of Pakistan, if not today, then some day, it may take decades. However, I do not call myself a Pakistani but a Muslim. Maybe if one day Kashmir will be liberated, I will not be in Pakistan, but somewhere else—part of the Muslim ummah.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Still Hunting in the Dark

It has been a whole month since the rail blasts and the ATS is still hunting in the dark. It has arrested a dozen or more SIMI activists and claims to have busted a few sleeper cells and modules. But to this day no-one has been directly implicated in the mumbai rail blasts.Security for the aam public transport using admi has gotten worse,thanks to the nonstop rains and Vip bandobast.The only people who have gotten more security are the Film Stars, Cricketers and of course the Politicians.Please read Offstumped for his post on how sincere our counry is in fighting terrorism visa vis UK or US.
Ironically the old 1993 mumbai bomb blast verdicts have once again been postponed.Whats new justice has mostly been denied to the common man in India.
World press is reporting One more plot foiled in Uk
As it is, thanks to overzealous human rights activists with an agenda, the overall failure of juduciary,the Politics of Votes preached by the ruling combine in Mah, and a politically appointed less than competent police commissioner, and the ex officio commissioner or the dance bar hating DCM of Maharashtra RR Patil ,the very effective Crime Intelligence Unit, article in TIME had been systematically targeted and disbanded and their humanint or khabri network is in shambles.
Half of them have been prosecuted,mostly for economic crimes most bureaucrats (neera yadhav,mpsc scam, vincent george etc)and politicians have also committed(in a much larger scale) and gotten away with relative ease.The rest implicated in the Kwaja Yunus case and immediately suspended and their security withdrawn.In comparison criminal politicians and history sheeters still fight elections and get state security e.g.our very own Arun Gawli and many in up like Shahabudin etc and . Read End of Days
Even if most of them are reinstated or added to the ATS it will take them time to re-establish their network and most of all,establish trust to work cohesively as a team.
One more interesting thing that struck me was that of a lawyer called Mubin Solkar.
A google search of his name lists Afroz,Dr Abdul Mateen, Nachan etc accused(or victims as samajwadis or laloo or cpi or congress might call them) of links to quaeda let and blasts like Ghatkopar, Mulund that occured in Mumbai. Like Advocate Chandrakant Mule in the movie Satya, he seems to be the legal aid of the Islamic Ummah. The ATS should keep a surveillance on him or search his premises for leads. With his specilisation god knows,he might just be readying his next defence case for the rail blast perpetrators.
Did u know
Saudi Arabia's zealous religious police can arrest and jail anyone who violates the rules of local culture. Cinemas are banned — men and women sitting in the same dark place is considered too likely to arouse mischievous hormones. Unrelated men and women riding in the same car (women are not allowed to drive) can be jailed by the religious police, a government agency known formally as the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. Before Bluetooth arrived, people here say, a man seeking to circumvent all that might write his phone number on something heavy enough to be thrown — usually a cassette tape — and toss it through a woman's car window.......from an article in the Post
If i remember right the Taliban also had mada a Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice on those lines in Afghanistan, only a lot more radical and was known to have a passion for shooting women in the head in football fields.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jihadi Terrorist? Go South

Calling all jihadi terrorist of repute it is now time to go south, cause there is jannat there , go south like Madni ur a VIP there, go south where the sky is blue, go south there are ayurvedic massages worth Rs 50000 zimply waiting for u
All u have to do is go South.
It looks like the south is leading the race as the hottest place to be in India for a jihadi terrorist. Both DMK under karunanidhi and the Kerala communists under vs achutanandan hotly competing with their northern counterparts like the Samajwadis under mulayam and Rjd under laloo and Congress under Spynx sonia, to woo all jihadi terrorists and infiltrators and their sleeper cells.
I had, in my one of my previous posts mentioned the role played by politicians in Radicalising Muslims.
i am adding a few more links of sites to read Bangladeshi Jihadis and Muslim Mentality

I read this in mumbai HT tucked away in a corner :-
IT PAYS to share a prison with a VIP in Tamil Nadu. On Sunday, about 750 prisoners of Coimbatore jail, including 160 arrested for the 1998 serial blasts, enjoyed an Ayurvedic massage.

The reason: in July, Kerala CM V.S. Achuthanandan had intervened to ensure Abdul Nasser Madhani, leader of the Kerala PDP party and the fourth accused in the serial blasts, got a 35-day Ayurvedic treatment worth Rs 50,000. Sunday’s treat was an attempt to prove that such luxury was de rigeur in Tamil Nadu prisons.

CM M. Karunanidhi had sanctioned the treatment for Madhani. But when Jayalalithaa turned on the heat, prison authorities arranged the Sunday camp. The incident is among a list of events that show the DMK government's soft stance towards Muslim fundamentalists. The DMK government has also dropped cases against 12 fundamentalists of Melaplayam.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Institutionalisation of Corruption

The Pathak report is finally out and that too on times now- the channel whose parent is well know for its close links with the current party in power.
As expected the report exonerates the Congress party and its functionaries and nails the Singhs(Jagat and Natwar)Doesn’t this remind u of a large number of scams during the N Rao gov and the Congress rule for the last 50 years?
One thing is certain, whatever happens politicians are never punished and neither will the Singhs- cause they have been loyalists and they know a lot of inside secrets, those that the Spynx would not want outed.Time will tell if the eminent Justice has done justice or injustice, depending upon the incentives he gets in future.
Corruption is not a new issue in India and there have been scams since Nehrus time, the only difference was that the percentage never exceeded 10-25%.Read R. Upadhyay
One thing the permit raj and the Indira Congress govt did was to totally institutionalise corruption and make it all pervading, wherein no work was and is still done without a cut or percentage in any govt office and mainly noone in the Govt or bureaucracy is ever held accountable.The BJP govt could not stear clear of corruption either. The equations have reversed and the going margin is 75% to 100% at the top(Animal husbandry scam and many others).
It is difficult for an honest bureaucrat or govt servant to survive, let alone thrive in a Govt job,no wonder IAS = I AM SAFE.The Govt is going a step further and trying to make middle class citizens accountable while exempting itself from accountability.
No wonder the PM of all people wants the Right to Info act ammended and notings removed from its purview.The Govt, instead of creating a citizens database like the Social security number system in the US, has introduced PAN TIN AIR UIN etc nonstop for tracking the aam taxpayer,fines cash loans above Rs 20000 at 100% and wants to tax amt received as compensation for tragedies like the mumbai blasts etc but does not want to account for the cash donations they receive in the crores (exempt from tax)(most of it benami from businessmen, builders etc) or tax the agricultural super rich (most of whom are politicians), or have a real census of backward castes or obcs or muslims in india(including bangadeshis) as they are vote banks(not people).

Kya Kare System hi Kharab Hai

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mumbai Bog

It has been raining very heavily from yesterday nite and yet again mumbai resembles a bog. Frankly i really dont mind it as this is the first flood that reminds me of childhood days et plus- it is a sunday.
Thanks to the relentless crazy urbanisation of god forsaken corners of this city and massive cutting of marshlands and mangroves by the all powerful builder lobby, Mumbais climate has certainly changed for the worse. Mumbai was known to be a moderate place, no extreme summers and winters and rains were always normal and we had one annual flood.
Rains and floods for a mumbaikar have been kind of routine annual event.
i remember that i have seldom seen a year when our area never flooded, and the floods were a great reason to get a holiday and really chill out and have fun.We got to bunk school, unpack and launch my friends japanese dingy and play in the knee or waist deep flood water.Yes it was a problem for groundfloor residents whose whole house resembled a really messy pool party but things werent that bad overall.
The worst hit are the North Mumbai areas and things for south mumbaikars are almost no different from the yesteryears and places like nana chk lamington rd, still fill up just like before or maybe a bit more than before.

Things are different this year we had a really terribly hot summer and it felt like i was in satara or sangli not mumbai,the rains r sporadic too,it used to rain frequently and the rains lasted for a good 15 minutes to an hour, now it dont rain for 3 /4 days(i dont count 3 minute gods nature calls as rains), and when it rains it is relentless and culminates in a flood.

I think mumbaikars will have to add to the list of things to get used to like terror attacks, apathetic insensitive state and central govt,super overcrowded public transport,regular increase in taxes and zopadpattis etc. Extreme Climate and Heavy flooding.
Please visit the website of Parivartan an NGO whose team is lead by Shri Arvind Kejriwal (A mechanical engineer from IIT Kharagpur)who has just won the famed Magsaysay award. Hope Parivartan fulfils all necessary clauses of accountability in the RTI.

Muslim Law

The state of muslim law and especially womans rights in the hands of the AIMPLB and the clerics can be gauged by this article from the TOI
After a gap of over three years, Nazma Bibi was reunited with her husband, Sher Mohammad, on Friday. The 28-year-old was forcibly separated from her husband after he said triple talaq in an inebriated condition. “I am happy that I have finally got back my husband,’’ the mother of four said.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Whats wrong with the BJP?

I can’t quite figure out what is wrong with the BJP after its loss in the general elections and the backfiring of the India shining campaign. What I find is that the current UPa Govt has rather nonchalantly, but quite successfully deflected, their every failure and blunder thanks to the BJP being busy sorting out its own internal squabbles.
It is the hypocritical Commis who are taking the credit of being the leading opposition party on most matters political, even though they are supporting the UPA externally for every political decision they are taking.

To be fair the BJP has had its fair bit of disasters including the sanyasin episode and the killing of Mahajan, who was one of its best faces, brains and organizers.Mr Rajnath Singh though a veteran and seasoned politician, is not the best person to manage the pompous know it all English Press and the Live TV channels.

Most supporters are quite tired of the squabbles and the disunity of command and voice both in the party and the sangh. The party, right now is most lacking a Leader or a united voice, like that of Shri Vajpayee under whom the party stood united and worked in unison.
The best thing for BJP would be to unite and reorganise and for Vajpayee to come out of his retirement to play a kind of a chief mentor like role and get the party back on track as only Vajpayee right now has, as i may put it "the vajan in his awaaz" so that everyone will sit up and listen.

Sadly the the top leadership is in a sort of a timewarp raking up old and useless issues.The comment about jinnah by Mr Advani was totally unnecessary. Everyone knows that he was a practical person who changed his tune according to the requirement, and who in pak gives a damn abt what advani says anyways? Secondly the current controversy surrounding Jaswant Singh’s statement is also backfiring. Even though it’s most likely that there might have been a mole in the Rao govt, the press has successfully inferred that this is a publicity stunt for publicising his book.
One need not say how much the indian print and tv media love the BJP.
The old guard should maintain a dignified silence and work in the background to strengthen the party instead of making a fool out of themselves thanks to the media spin.
It would have been better to raise current issues like current spy rings and moles like the war room leak and Increasing US infiteration into our itelligence establisment,infiltration of radicals in the Forces and the police, the governments failure and lack of will to combat a rise in terrorism,the threat from the masses of bangladeshis and the radicalisation of islam in pockets in kerala and meny other states etc
Also the party should go on the offensive and better present itself like what the Congress does, even though the Congress is failing on most fronts and its very publicized poverty alleviation plan(which grossly lacks accountability as the pm has pinned it on the state govts) is burning a major hole in the govts coffers, as it has already spent half the years budgeted amt in the first quarter.

The govts anti democracy and self serving measures like the office of profit bill and misleading people on the removal of notings from RTI act etc
On the economic front there is a massive rise in real inflation, interest rates, prices of all essential commodities and the difficulty faced by pensioners and investors,with investors earning negative or nil returns on deposits post inflation,
Tds hassles in SCSS etc and corruption and poor record of tax dept to disburse refunds and hounding of honest taxpayers with AIR,proposals for new forms and removal of rebates and deductions, while letting politicians and bureaucrats like laloo who paid rs 10 lakhs in cash for his daughters wedding go scot free, as rightly pointed out by Sucheta Dalal, Perils of EET and demanding TEE model, as pointed out by MrBimal Jalan
The rampant misuse of participatory notes and mauritious route used for investing in the indian markets, by local businessmen and others using havala funds and its potential for market manupulation and misuse by organised crime and terrorists.

Thats not all, the Govt which is the promoter of all oil psus is working in detriment and blatent disregard to the Companys' and small shareholders interests by bankrupting and destroying the Oil navratnas thru ad-hoc subsidy system thus starving them of funds, effecting the staff morale leading to the exodus of employees from theose companies, which in the long term only benifits the beamoth at jamnagar.

Lastly it need not keep mum abt the IC814 hiijacking and instead ask for peoples forgiveness and give the people a proper explaination abt the blunder at amritsar, and tell them about steps taken to prevent a repeat of incident.
At least the people freed were a planeload of uppermiddleclass indian citizens in exchange for 3 pakistani terrorists after some very hard bargaining against hostile terrorists dug in at kandahar fully supported by taliban and isi and pakistan.Secondly they had limited options and an israeli style`Operation Entebbe`was impossible. india today

Unlike exchange of R Sayeed, daughter of ex JNK CM and then hom minister Mufti Mmd Sayeed for 5 hardcore militants of JKLF (who also killed three other airmen) and that of Ghulam Nabi Azad's brother-in-law Tassaduq Dev for terrorists, forever cemented terrorism in kashmir
read save india rediff mjoshi
Incidently the first thing the duo of mm sayeed and gn azad did when they were chosen to lead jnk was to free terrorists and disband sog of jnk police.
must read lavkare
they must remind congress/commis of their opinion/silence during the whole episode.
They must ask the Congress govt about measures it has taken both overt and covert to bring those IC814 terrorists and the mumbai blast terrorists of 1994 to book, and why has the congress blocked anti terrorism law in gujrat?