Monday, April 02, 2007

Jinnah house

Was just reading about Jinnah and his daughter Dina who married Neville Wadia the scion of Wadia clan of shipbilders or the people who own Bombay Dyeing
or to the bollywood updated - the grandmother of Ness -Preity Zinta`s bf on wiki.
The lives of Jinnah, Rattanbai Petit and Dina are a definite read .

Here are excerpts from the wiki which might give you an insight into the persona called Muhammad Alibhai Jinnahbhai Khojani a man who over the years degenerated from being a modernist secular legal eagle of his time to an islamist with pseudo secular views.

In November of 1932, Jinnah read H. C. Armstrong's biography of Kemal Atatürk, Grey Wolf, and seemed to have found his own reflection in the story of Turkey's great modernist leader. It was all he talked about for a while at home, even to Dina, who consequently nicknamed him 'Grey Wolf'.

Mahommedali Currim Chagla, who was Jinnah's assistant at the time, recalls
Jinnah, in his usual imperious manner, told her that there were millions of Muslim boys in India, and she could have anyone she chose. Reminding her father that his wife (Dina's mother Rattanbai), had also been a non-Muslim, the young lady…replied: 'Father, there were millions of Muslim girls in India. Why did you not marry one of them?' And he replied that, "she became a Muslim "

Well Dina is right in saying May his dream for Pakistan come true
though i don't see it happening for a very long time ...

I have seen over the years the Peoples Jinnah hall made as a memorial towards the man using public donations right next to the very infamous Congress house at Opera hse/Grant Rd, made famous by people professing the worlds oldest profession, but never once heard about or seen his Mumbai residence the Jinnah house, now part dilapidated ... where the seeds for the two nation theory and pakistan might have been sown.

Now Malabar hill and Banganga is a place i sometimes visit early in the morning, just to talk a walk or cycle or get some peace of mind, because u see govt spends a lot of money to maintain the roads out there thanks to their being Grade A roads and all the ministers having residences there i dont want to name names but most Ncp and Congress leaders stay there.
Its kinda funny the govt spends most tax rupees on roads where our netas stay- who by the way are a Biggest drain on the exchequer thanks to their sal ...oops i really meant Perks and im not talking about the slush money they get.
In comparison most roads where govt earns lots of revenue like say a Lamington Rd (E/c mkt) Opera Hse (diamond mkt) or say Princess Street Kalbadevi (cloth/Fmcg Mkts) or say Zaveri Bazar (Jewellery Mkt) or back alleys of Dalal Street(Stock mkt) or say the road towards the Airport (lined wt Zopadpattis cultivated by Congressmen) are in a pathetic state.
We are facing traffic and worse parking nightmares already thanks to people having 2 or more cars, next in line, soon Mumbai- the economic capital of India will lack 24 hr E/c supply as Mercury will soar and the exuberant Mumbaikar will switch on them 1.5 tonne Korean A/cs sold cheaply at Rs 16000.Finally we well get a dose of what the rest of the state has been suffering for at least 4 hrs a day for the last couple of months... ... the dreaded POWER CUT. Dont worry if the govts function this way it wont be long that we will have to face Water rations and cuts too say in another 5 yrs.

So much to the talk of making Mumbai into a Shanghai - great Lip service of course given by none other than the great PM Manmohan and his Finman PC and his adverts coaxing people to pay taxes that go into building Roads , Bridges Dams, Rail etc. Someone should Show me the Roads, Show me Railways that people can travel in without being super crushed and show me some basic Infrastructure and of course take some responsibility and act fast. Hey the BRO can do it in god forsaken or i may say godly Ladakh then why cant the state ?Do we have to expect army rule to get some actual work done ?
Someone in the press should raise this issue, just as the India shining campaign had been raised.

Ok not digressing form the main issue here i did track that place and guess where it was ?Among the residences of power brokers like the V Patils and A Powars and old world textile barons like Khataus . tucked away in greenery Jinnah house lies at a ninety deg angle and creating a hypotenuse between CMs Bungalow and Sahyadri-the place where the Pm, laloo and likes stay ie the very plush Mah state guest house recently very lavishly renovated, by a state which is submerged in debt, where farmer suicides in Vidarbha are not even reported because of their frequency.

Funny as it may sound did u know that this city owes much to Mr Jinnah who had a very found attachment towards Mumbai and had done lot for this city in his younger days, perhaps much more than most politicians of modern Maharashtra or India ever have in recent times.

Thankfully the forever Pak loving Nehru Gandhi family plans to gift it to Pakistan never materialised and the Vajpayee Govt did not humor Mushys contention of giving the house to Pak for their Mumbai embassy and were planning to hand it over to Wadia. Id personally prefer it to be converted into a public lib or something taking into account the fact that it is evacuee property and state property at that even though Nehru blocked it from being declared as one and we the people need more spaces, hey petit also made libraries like the one opp Metro Cinema at dhobi talao, Sadly the family or their cronies are at it again the defenceless bongling bong Pronobda is planning to hand it over to pakis
as Ashok Dhamjia rightly pointed it out, hope Bal Thackarey is listening and acting .

tis funny most hindus suffer at the hands of hindus, when will we learn?

here is the pic of that place