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As per latest reports a new or 3rd bomb has been found and defused at borivli
as per figures confirmed approx 103/7 people have died and 250+ are injured
people have been taken to hinduja hospital bandra and holy cross bandra etc
from the mahim area

figures by ndtv 137 dead

Mostly trrow may be declared as a bombay band and the entire jingbang of
politicians from the congress especially sonia gandhi, laloo yadav, shivraj patil,pm manmohan singh etc and bjps l k advani will arrive to survey the areas and cause massive public inconvenience all around mumbai with their convoys of cars and security..

the central rail network and harbor line is working so people who can find friends relatives on central side please use central rail u can use the harbour line to andheri then tru other methods

the mtnl landline network is still down/congested in some areas
they r working in mahim as a friend of mine told me , most mobile networks are congested and people going home will definitely be delayed so hey people dont worry so much and have trust in god
just wait for the phones to get back to normal and then contact ur
near and dear ones

Helplines for information on victims of Tuesday's serial blasts on trains and at railway stations in Mumbai.


Western Railways 22005388
Cooper Hospital 26207254 26207256
Hinduja Hospital 24451515 24452222
Lilavati Hospital 6438281/82
Bhabha Hospital 6422775

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So far 15 people are said to have been arrested for these gruesome attacks.The cabinet meeting will end at 10pm giving details on the hw the situation is to be handled.

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