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most mumbai mtnl telephone network has now started working,
in other words its decongested or switched on.
people stuck on the western line r using whatever means like
trucks buses volvos taxis etc to go home.
the police are helping in easing the congestion and helping people reach home

the cm has declared that trrow ie wednesday the 12th will be an official working day and offices colleges n schools will remain open.

it all depends upon the ability of the laloos babus to get the railway nework up and running ... doesnt it
lets see if the great laloo ka rail will manage to start the rail service and the virar fast which is the lifeline of our suburbs and the target of the terrorists.

on a lighter note, laloo at least remembered that there is a rail network that exhists in mumbai, as it is hes so busy announcing multiple trains coming to mumbai from patna in his rail budget so as to increase mumbais unwanted population.

the real challange for him will be to make sure that the peak rush public gets a place to stand on their two feet and not be crushed by someone around them and to confidently take a virar fast and get down at andheri .

It is pathetic to see India still in the state of infrastructure shambles.

How can telephones be jammed when you need them most? Why sint anyone doing anything about security? People like me would want to help but the money goes to goons like Shiv Senas and the lallos of the world. Who elects them and how do they even stay in power?

well when there is a will there is a way and in india there isnt any

shivaji made wonderful and amazing tabletop forts in loden times and our officials cant keep a single road pothole free

common man doesnt have security but usless politicians like sonia laloo mulayam mayawati etc have nsg security and pentions and bungalows
and convoys on public money

i dont worry abt the sena as much as i do of the deobandis and barelvis and their underground minions who can raise weapons on a single call from a maulvi in some godforsaken mosque

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