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Well the toll so far is over 190 people dead 450+ injured and hopefully the death toll should not cross 200 the list of the dead and injured are posted by mumbai police on their website hospitalwise

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The police have put metal detectors at every station but what about all the illegal entry points at stations where one can jump or crall to get in

Also the railway officials and especially all rail ministers including laloo yadhav r also responsible for this blast indirectly
No one cares about us bcause we r working people who generally pay for local train tickets and public utilities, unlike people in most states. we dont have time to do morchas to protest the real pathetic state out public transport is in.

The central govt can subsidise half fare of people using the metro rail in delhi but cant subidize the mumbai BEST bus service or the cost of improving the rail service.

believe or not the indian rail has no funds for making all local trains 12 coach rakesbut does not allow a separation of mumbai rail from national rail so as not to loose a substantial chunk of revenue from ticket paying mumbaikars.

About 4700 passengers travel in a 9-car rake during peak hours, as against its rated carrying capacity of only 1,700.

The Mah Govt one of the richest states post independence is almost bankrupt because of very poor policies and mismanagemnt and politicians cooperatives milking the system.We the people of mumbai via hi taxes on property transactions etc or maharashtra state are also expected to rehouse all the land grabs of zopadpattis made mostly by people coming from up bihar calcutta bangladesh etc for free delaying any development projects.

If something was done to ease the peak time congestion the situation and fatalities would be a lot less .