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Shariat in Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh

Well i dont want to call it kashmir cause the minority radical bunch of sunni muslims cannot really represent all of the people of JNK so the header.

The Radicals in Pakistans northern provinces most of whom have introduced the strict form of shariat.

Nyways everyone knows that JNK the only muslim majority state in India, followed probably by pockets in UP Bihar and Kerala.

Latest updates show that there just might be an atempt for rekindling of the mass terror as had happened in the 90s. The super soft hearts and minds policy of the Ruling PDP Congress combine is just helping it further.The PM is no better with the constant friendly overtures towards Mush, even when Pak says no to laying physical position on the siachin glacier on books and documents before a deescalation on siachin we still want to talk. I only hope this is not another one sided contract like the Indus water treaty or simpla pact in which pakis got what they wanted , and in exchange we got raddi to keep, but who knows bureaucracy always likes raddi.

There is a spate of prosecutions of policemen for what in mumbai is called as encounters. Instead of this being done discretely there is too much media glare which has helped the terrorists gain sympathy and supporters.

In a move aimed at mainstreaming personal laws governing Muslims in J&K with those followed by Muslims in the rest of India, the lower House of the state Assembly on Friday passed a Bill seeking to apply provisions of the Shariat to Muslims of the state.

The Bill seeks to replace an earlier code that had been in force since Maharaja Pratap’s era which contained several local traditions. It now erases those provisions, seeking to bring Kashmiri Muslims under the ambit of Shariat-based laws that were penned with the Arab interpretation of how Muslims should run their lives and codes on weddings, divorce and sexuality.

The Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Bill was moved by leader of Opposition and former National Conference minister Abdul Rahim Rather and adopted unanimously. The Bill will now go to the upper House where it is likely to be taken up on February 14.

The bill though giving property rights to women which is good, but looking at the state of the illiterate muslim majority,expect more exploitation of women anyways.
God alone knows what more damning provisions against minority hindus buddhists etc may be included later.

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