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Hoodwinking Citizens

In a interview on Sahara Samay Mumbai, ex IPS Cop Y P Singh roughly mused that the Terrorist Cell active in the State,worked on a war strategy and that the mah police and the intelligence network were too busy to seriously persue them.
Not only are the terrorists able to do blasts at will their suport system is very good thus allowing then to escape while they were posting false evidences to the police to hoodwink the cops and shake them off their trail.
The logistics/ backbone of the terrorists ie the money trail or the hawala network mainly used for money laundering was still robust and the agencies feared touching it for the simple reason that all the Politicians, senior Bureaucrats and Officials had used it sometime or the other or were still using it, leading to ugly revelations.
There was no concerted effort or single minded pursuit of the terrorists as the bureaucratic government structure is too slow to react.
He also said that it was most probable that the low intensity blasts at malegaon were made by the rail blasts cell because of the timers used and it was not possible for the right wingers to procure them
Id like to add that the vote bank politiking Congress Alliance would not persue them as diligently precisely cause of the so called antagonism it would create in the minds of muslims, as pointed by none other than the Prime Minister who said that the Police should not target a particular community or Islamists.

Now the same Manmohan Singh is saying NAM solidarity needed to fight terror Is he nuts or impotent or has Sonia bitchslapped him?
Why is he hoodwinking the nation and has he given up arms and is trying ahimsa against terrorism.
Everyone knows that the NAM was Born half dead the day it was formed and its founders Tito, Nasser and Nehru are also dead, and so is Yugoslavia.
Does he want balkanisation and 10 pieces of India?