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Big Bang in Blogsphere

These days everyone is bolgging and the print media is interested too .
Indiatimes the Net Baby of TOI (The Congress loving paper) nowadays features
o3 its blog portal and amazingly right wing writers like sareen and hessian
Ibn(congress commi loving tv channel) editors and journalists have their own blogs ...
Only the commi loving hindu and hindustan times and congress/commi approved ndtv(karat is roys sis in law)are still lagging in this dept, or are thy blogging too?

There is a big dedicated community of national and international bloggers like tokyo-girl who blogged good and interesting stuff.
I started blogging a long time ago, though very infrequently using mumbaibull (old posts i accidently deleated ) during my dialup days when i had to analyse the mtnl and vsnl beeps to chk for a good connection when truely netsurfing was netsuffering, thus giving me my nick.
Call it an online diary or a persons manthan, or call it lots of idle broadband bandwith, blogging is here to stay .

Dear All,

Your blog is nice and informative. We think our post will be quite useful and informative for your visitors. We have witnessed Sensex and Nifty showing quite handsome upward rally around new year time. But now on 2nd Jan again Indian stock marketis sluggish and is struggling to come up. We have posted in recent post that we can expect market to come down in between 26December-07 to
5- Jan-08.

Now on 2nd Jan FII has reentered into the market and game of seesaw with Nifty
graphs has started again.

We advise everyone whether they are working in Indian stock market or any other expect high volatility in all markets as sentiments of one
market effects other.

Always remember less profit or no profit is better then loss


Sharetipsinfo team

This blog is novice and informative,it is a pleasure to post a comment on this usefull blog created by a webmaster

Now as such the final stages of the formal completion of nuclear deal has come,so we can expect some positive news effecting the
movement of the INDIAN STOCK MARKET which means stocks coming in power sector will take new direction

Companies which will benefited includes mainly

1.Larsen n Tourbo(LT)
2.Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd(HCC)

and the list had few more names..

Happy Trading

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