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Joint Adventure or Manmohans misadventure?

Indian Express Editor shekar gupta has called the recent Havana Pact
a Joint Adventure
here are my reactions

This is pure and simple giving in to terrorism, body mind and soul, and whose body?
not his he has spg and 4 rung cover around him nor sonias as she has more security than he does but naturally as the first family has more privileges than the generals of the triservices Army Navy Air force.
It is the lives of common people he is playing with.

The pm has forgot the recent Mumbai blasts sadly way sooner than expected.
the pm is suffering from the Stockholm syndrome
or has had a bit too many cubanas or Columbian popular export?
like the general will listin to the pm? he is so boxed in that he makes agreements with the Taliban, even after super pressure mounted by the usa.
This is one more simla pact we are loosing lots and gaining nothing

The irrelevant pm is out just to make a name for himself as it is his much talked about schemes are said to fail
1 indo us nuke deal is close to failure
2. Minimum wage plan is a hole in fiscal of the country with the deficit said to mount and the fm literally coercing the banks to cut interest rates to avert the fiscal deficit disaster.

3 dangers
1. The bjp contention of American interference and joint control of jnk could be true as it is CIA have infiltrated the intelligence community thanks to recent disclosures.
2. Destroying the foreign policy, goodwill earned by india by calling pak a sufferer of terrorism. The sacrifices of officers during kargil have gone to waste as India had lost officers mainly because of the restraint used , to successfully show Pakistan and mush’s involvement
3. Danger of Pakistanis infiltrating our intelligence as the agencies are said to interact more closely to curb terrorism
(Just like the Americans used the war on terror to infiltrate our agencies)

i prefer the assessments made by doval and raman anytime read Australian

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