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A different Mumbai

well things will never be the same again
i was on a western rail train today, amazingly there was no semblence of secutity there worse i climbed into a bogie which resembled a kabutarkhana and i suspect was a converted from a mail dabba to a passanger bogie. When will they learn to improve the situatuion and sincerely put some funds to improve mumbai rail.
What i noticed was population vv angry and scared and on the edge. Never had i seen so many ladies in the gen bogie, but with at least a family member with them. well i dont blame them - better to die with a family member rather than anguish about their well being.
the people most scared must be pickpocketers vagabounds and druggies etc. I am sure a few might just get lynched as one was almost thrown out of the train which i was travelling in.
laloo says hum strengthn karange hum kutta khufiya kutto ko lagayenge - ccvt aur kamara lagayenge.rpf ko pasngr safty denge aur equpment se less karnge- We will have lots of security-cctv at imp stations- make the equip the rpf with modern equipment -2nd day and i didnt see any and rpf goons from up bihar? hope they will do no harm..
and i personally feel cctv might help
too laloo id say
agar kutton kohi lagana hai to apne aur sare politician- thode filmstars ke gale mein patta dalke station pe khade raho
there must be atleast 2 guards on every platform visible to all not siting on a ladies bench eating pan tambaku...
Instead of putting guards on trains and increasing the gardi (overcrouding), he must decongest the rail and most of all we the citizens should be more responsible and a bit more cautious and look over our sholder. Good regular commuters should be given training in basic safety emergency services and first aid and right to be citizen policemen..
it will be useless to waste too much time on the ssc passed almost anpad gawar rpf guard to be given sofisticated training and equipment only to find out that the equipment has been damaged by his paan tambaku habit.

For a mumbaikar we dont have an option to but to board a train due to its cost efficiency and lack of other options
jeena yaha marna yaha iske siva jaana kaha