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Mumbai First

the one thing that mumbai now needs is lots of money a good leader and an overhaul of its infrastructure and some tough decision making.
i dont think any of the current bunch of jokers from the bmc to the mmrda to the cm can do it. like it or not we need a single voice from mumbai who would be responsible for all actions taken .. someone like a way better verson of bal thackarey (he did some good for mumbai too)
i would like to put up a charter for things that need to be done so as to make life of a working mumbaikar better.....and as this is the best time asking for it

1.Integrating and organising the local road and rail transport network while removing the mumbai western and central rail from the Central rail network and having a separate fund allocation and dedicated team to oversea it, being solely responsible for all actions taken so as to maintian Unity of command and responsibility.

2. Converting all trains plying passangers in mumbai to modern 12 coach rakes so that the average load per bogie is decreased form 350% to 200% in rush hour.15 coach rakes to be used in rush hour 3 of which should be only for vasai virar long distance travellers and those bogies to be filled only at a few stations.

3. All stations and facilities on stations to be modernised and entry exit points monitered by cctv. Total overhaul and modernisation of platforms.Funding can come by making them 1/2 floored and having food courts and shopping malls on them.
ticket counters to be better managed so that counters are open when they should as per the time table,as normally half the counters meant to be open are shut.
ticketing via atms of banks at stations for bank customers .

4. Toilets at all stations and specally important stations like grant rd,l parel, dadar, bandra, andheri borivli to be made hygenic clean and useable (like churchgate station).

5. Removal or shutting down or better linking of the kurla station used for outbound trains as it is a big nuiscance to just reach there, let alone board a train.

6. Delinking BEST Transport and E/c and the loss making transport dept be subsidised by central govt on lines of metro rail in Delhi.

7. Guarantee and funds from the central govt for doing something about zopadpatti and unadhikrut bandkaam. Guarantee from centre/ supreme court intervention that no state govt will ever extend the date for free housing or settlement of migrants atleast until current zopadpattis r rehoused in a phased manner in next 60 months.
Protecting open spaces parks and gardens etc.

8. Removal of all bangladeshis from mumbais soil and shooting/killing of all history sheater slumlords and criminals not withstanding whichever political party they may be affiliated to or however many cases they have against them as litigation will never bring them to book and they will eventually run their gangs from arthur road jail.

9. A tax/subsidee to be levied on central govt(or states which they belong to) for every person entering mumbai from other states for building a corpus for providing housing to them.
heavy tax to be levied on those people selling free housing given to them so that they cannot make it a source of income and go back to make other zopadpattis and so that the state recovers the cost of the said house and this burden is not borne by middleclass taxpayer.

10. Special rebate or increase in rebate on HRA for mumbaikars as rents here are way above the national average.Also LIC and other insurers should be asked to do viability assessment for creating a policy for mumbaikars agains a terrorist attacks and natural disasters like floods etc so people can subscribe to it.

11. An apolitical mumbai police commissioner and a very good Statewide ATS and zero interference from politicians.
Strict surveillance of all radical muslim mosques and pockets in mumbai and maharashtra by police who should be given a free hand.Arrest of religious minority leaders/politicians especially those that infuriate and radicalise muslim population.
This is done in countries like singapore malaysia and thailand bcause political will exhists there.
Strict surveillance of builders and local politicians contracters and officials and havala operators by a committee Police, ED , press and high court judge or people like khairnar for checking and monitoring corruption.

12. Central/state govts to stop appeasement of minorities.(eg imdt act)(religion or cast based reservation)
Changing the constitution to make strict guidelines for citizenship retrospectively
especially to prevent bangladeshis`/ foreigners children born here from bcoming citizens automatically.
Make tough new laws especially meant for dealing with terrorists.

farfetched ideas
Removal of article 370 and implementing uniform civil code for all and packing up of AIMPLB and minority commission.