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Political Compulsions

Can the Alquaeda or Taliban or the Dawa or any other terror agency of repute move funds or collect funds without the knowledge or active cooperation of elements in the govt of Pakistan or ISI? As it is Taliban is being reactivated so that the large Drug revenue from the crimson belt is not denied to the ISI.
The fact is that every attack on India helps Mushy to hold on to his power/post/office by deflecting attension of the paki public from his pathetic record at home and on the kashmir strategy, as much as it helps him to stay in the good books of the west (and be Bushs posterboy) by sacrificing a few pawns in this international hi staked game.

It suits the West and local Indian politicians to turn a blind eye on Mushys overt and covert(using terror/jihad)low intensity war against India including random terror attacks,if and only if they are strictly low intensity and casualty rates are low so that outcry is limited.
All that Western world wants is a safe home front devoid of terror attacks and a few taliban and quaeda elements once in a while so as to shore up their popularity ratings or political TRPs as i call them.

Has Laden or Zawahiri or any big fish ever been caught and handed over to the US?
It is unlikely that the creamy layer will ever be handed over to the Americans alive.

The indian upa/most politicians are too scared to act bcause
1.They know whatever happens to the citizens they will always be saved and isolated from any threat, thanks to the NSG and tax payers money.Upping the ante would mean direct threat on their lives,Assassination of the First family.
2.They will also loose political support from the 25 to 30% of the indian population and their much coveted guaranteed vote banks.
3.Not only that the Commis and sculars and the paki loving intelligencia and press will eat them alive.