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Musharaff : Pakistan will cooperate with India to root out terrorism but will pay back in the ‘‘same coin’’ if any ‘‘punitive action’’ is initiated against it in ‘‘hot pursuit’’ of terrorists, President Pervez Musharraf
Interpretation: We have missiles, we have Nukes,I am loosing control over my faculties and I cant control the TPO(Terror Process Outsourcing) industry called ISI and cant do much except talking.Only bush has the solemn right for hot persuit in Waziristan that too bcause 1. he promised me new toys and 2.my children live in us.

The TOI headline went- PM talks tough on terror, says India won’t be cowed
Interpretation: What else can I do except talk tough?
If i act,i may just loose my chair, we might loose support we have in coming uttar pradesh elections to mulayam, not to forget the Madni loving commis and the dmk in the south who are everready to withdraw support anytime.

The Express headline went- PM spoke forcefully in I-Day address: Sonia
Interpretation: Aaey Baraaaat ke Logoon zara gaur se sunnnooo - mere kutaea ko bhoknaaa bi aataa hai.

Tasnim Aslam said, "Pakistan is committed to fight terrorism. We are also committed to peace process with India."to allow terrorism to undermine this process would be very unfortunate."'Give us evidence on terrorism'
Interpretation: Dont destroy our peace process.We are talking with u arnt we? U people are Ungrateful.Dont call our freedom fighters terrorists. Give us more photos of our national heros.
Pakistan only fights terrorism directed towards the gora saabs in us and uk .

Me - too bored with this politiking and its time to goto sleep