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Vande Mataram and Jana Gana Mana

I love the National Song Vande Mataram , and hold it in very high esteem,way higher than the National Anthem - Jana Gana Mana
even though i dont even know more thatn the first 6 lines this i must confess...
The Khang-reez is swinging between to sing or not to sing the national song Vande Mataram voluentarily or otherwise. With each day they are giving a different explaination to the need and the implementation method of the notification, stuck between loosing hindu votes, and overt blind appeasement of the so called minority community and their radical leadership ,that too in this current environment
(in islam the state and the religion are one and the same -study the caliphat and the Ahle_Hadees).Slowly khuda haafiz is being changed to Allah hafiz these days.
The problem to the Kangreez is that they are trying to make everyone happy, just as the BJP in 2005 had tried to appease the fatwa issuing shahi imam of Jamma masjid and the AIMPLB, in an attempt to garner a substantial vote during the last elections.What happened instead was that they lost many of the right wing hindus to kangreez.
The Communists in Kerala(25% muslim) are also following blind appeasement Kerala especially in the north or what i call Madnipradesh, as is Miya Mulayam in UP and Laloo yadhav in Bihar who have won elections using the (in)famous Muslim Uadhav doctrine read Tectonic shift in the Muslim vote.
The Khang-reez has now suddenly changed tune in assam and Gogoi`s Education Minister Ripun Bora fearing the obvious has ordered mandatory recital of the song in an attempt to appease hindus to cover for the loss of muslim votes.

The Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind or the Mullah alliance on Wednesday said Muslims "cannot and should not" sing Vande Mataram and threatened to move court if forced to recite it.
Well why will they ? when the ultimate motive / aim of Jamaat is to see to that this nation is united under their flag and leadership.They have already floated a party AUDF in Assam (30% muslim now)proving just that.
The kind of power wielded by the Mullah alliance, before whom even the first family of our nation has bent over backwards on numerous occasions (shah banoo case and many others are sufficient proof )are working like the isi in pakistan.
What irks me is not if the muslims sing the song or not, but that the ummah forces and coerces the illiterate urdu speaking community to toe their line like brainless zombies, not giving them their right of choice.
We are living in a democracy and everyone has the democratic right to sing it or not to, but more improtantly we also have the solemn duty to be patriotic to the state.
Id say if u want to sing it sing it with the true patriotic feeling not being bothered about what anyone has to say.

I hold the makers of the modern India ie the Indian National Congress and especially the first PM Mr Nehru(born a Saraswat Brahmin Kashmiri pandit) and his family most responsible for this predicament.His distinct British brand of socialism and the old british docterine of divide and rule still holds good in the 21st century.
His method involved only preach modernisation and secularism to the majority but the minority was kept out of it, all in the name of Vote Bank Politics.
On one hand he has modernised Hindu law and transferred the reigns of power from the hands of Brahmins to the tottering and failing Judiciary, which is the sole decision maker on Hindu Law.The reigns of all prominent temples and more importantly their treasuries are in the hands of the vote hungry Politicans, some even muslim and communists(case and point Abdul Rehman Antuley was trustee Siddhi vinayak trust)
who are free to use them treasuries without substantial accountability literally according to their arbitrary whims.
The rift between the upper castes including the kshatriyas brahmins etc and the lower casts like the dalits or shudras were infact widened by the indefinite extension and rampant abuse (creamy layer including meera kumar)of the 10 yrs reservation implemented by Shri Ambedkar, and worse the attempts of Mandalisation by upper caste Thakur leaders like Vishwanath Pratap Singh. Now they, the normal suspects(including the BJP) are hurrying the the OBC quota thru parliment when the whole matter is subjudice and i dont have any doubt that the President will rubberstamp this bill too,just like he did with the OOP bill, after midnight signing of the bihar bill making me loose complete trust in his abilities to lead by example.
On the other hand the power over Muslim law and the is still in the hands of the Islamists directed from Deoband and the Mullah alliance.Study Shah Banoo,Triple Talaq,Womens rights etc read my post bymuslim law
Things are no different with other genuine minorities like the Parsees, the difference being that their leaders are way more educated and sensible, resulting in the community having a social security system and low mortality rate.They are also radical when it comes to tradition,marriages etc leading to a dwindling population.

One must compare this situation to that of Goa which sensibly kept the Uniform Civil Code adopted by the Portuguese(only good thing they did).
Most National parties talk big about SECULARISM, (while i doubt if half of their leaders could spell it correctly) but shy away even from uttering the words Uniform Civil Code which is one of the key foundations of a True Secular state.
This is not from now but from time of Independence when the big talking Nehru who had the ability to impliment the Code didnt- fearing the loss of control over his parental property or the Indian National Congress.
Gandhiji had rightly wished the Disbanding of the Indian National Congress for obvious reasons as it was becoming a party of the corrupt.
Tagore on Vande Mataram
"Vande Mataram! These are the magic words which will open the door of his iron safe, break through the walls of his strong room, and confound the hearts of those who are disloyal to its call to say Vande Mataram." (Rabindranath Tagore in Glorious Thoughts of Tagore, p.165)
The national anthem Jana Gana Mana was written in bangla by the great Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.
There is a raging controvercy about the true intent with which it was written.
The stanza जन गण मन अधिनायक जय हॆ भारत भाग्य विधाता । translated Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people,dispenser of India's destiny.
Theory 1. was written in praise of God or Vidhata
Theory 2. was written in praise of King Geore V of England
Theory 3. was written in praise of the common man or aam admi
(kangress Commi UPA,jnu certified version? i suspect)
The true intent was foerver lost with the death of Rabindranath Tagore who remained the staunchly silent on this issue during his lifetime.

One cannot however deny that the said song was first sung at the Calcutta session of the Indian National Congress on December 27th, 1911 by the Congress Leadership with the sole intent of praising the King of England King Geore V.
This very same INC OR Khang-reez adopted its hindi version as the National Anthem of India on 24th January, 1950 over Vande Mataram with the sole intention of Minority Appeasement. Reason stated was Vande Mataram! could not be played by a band.

For the Indian National Congress or Kangrees the true meaning of the forst stanza will always be hail o king george v if they accept it or not history has ...

I thank them sometimes as Vande Mataram has been spared the abuse that Jana Gana Mana goes thru daily in school, in parliament, in movie theaters, when people squirm and twich and wait for it to get over so as to continue with what they were doing before.

Film actress and former MP Shabana Aazmi said it would be an infringement of the Constitutional right if any person is compelled to sing Vande Mataram.Guess what my suspicions abt her are proved true beyond doubt. She is only there to do Hindu right wing bashing and when it comes to fatwas by the mullah alliance her trap shuts real tight.