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Stamp Paper Scam

Did u ever even attempt to get a stamp paper in ur life?
Well i did before and after the telgi scam and it was quite difficult.
There were constant shortages and one would have to graze palms to procure one instantly. The Rs 10 paper was always out of stock.
Even a month after the scam it took me close to 2 hrs under the hot sun at the Mumbai High Court just to procure a 100Rs stamp paper. There was one little counter and a huge line.A sum of Rs 150 could instantly get me one though.
Still i dont know if the Govt has learnt its lessons though they have started using banking channels for certain hi value transactions.

AK Telgi now slowly dyeing of full blown AIDS namedpeople with a lot of power both from Mumbai and Bangalore that to hesitantly during a Narco analysis test which was leaked 3 yrs after its making.
He also said he still possesses benami property worth 2000 Crores.

The question is whom to trust The Accused or the Politicians ?
or the Doctors conducting the Narco Test or the Media which are trying to show that the tests were being steared in a particular direction.

The scam had to involve someone from the state,centre and the courts and the nasik mint and printing press and of cource the intelligence/police, to create such an artificial shortage for such a long time. Questions unanswered are why was the narco tape leaked that too 3 years after being made? Is it frustration of the officers,who cannot act as NCP and Pawar- just like the CPM and Shri Somnath Chatterjee(oop) is too big a party to touch? Why is the Khang-rees so silent on the issue?
Well, as in the movie Sarkar i dont expect the authorities to act and the accused politicians to escaped unscatthed under law.
Everyone involved must be praying that Telgi die soon so that this chapter can be closed for good