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Terror Alert Everywhere

I had been to chk out the R mall at Mulund today and their pvt security was really tight, these people were so on the edge that a mother had to open her babys milk bottle and have some of it to show them that it was indeed milk(not kiddin). I have mixed feelings abt all this security.It is heartening that individuals and corporates are taking their and their patrons security pretty seriously, and people still flock to visit malls,theatres etc and live their life on their own terms not bowing down to the terror threat.
But if i muse over it and think of the bigger picture i simply feel like im getting afflicted by the Boiling frog Syndrome. I may be generalising here but deep down in the mind of every mumbaikar is that lingering doubt or fear, not only of loosing his life and limb but moreso of loosing the life of a loved one.
We are virtually being placed by our vote hungry politicians to the mercy of the terrorists by their deeds and politics of division. They are not at all serious about tackling this terror threat and have not even made a long term strategy so as to counter terrorist ideoligy or radicalism or to tackle its main mentor Pakistan and finanier ISI and the Quaeda and the aam pakistani(chk how the dawa collects funds).
I was musing about how we as citizens could change our lifestyles so as to be that we can counter this menace individually.Ill post on that topic later.