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Still Hunting in the Dark

It has been a whole month since the rail blasts and the ATS is still hunting in the dark. It has arrested a dozen or more SIMI activists and claims to have busted a few sleeper cells and modules. But to this day no-one has been directly implicated in the mumbai rail blasts.Security for the aam public transport using admi has gotten worse,thanks to the nonstop rains and Vip bandobast.The only people who have gotten more security are the Film Stars, Cricketers and of course the Politicians.Please read Offstumped for his post on how sincere our counry is in fighting terrorism visa vis UK or US.
Ironically the old 1993 mumbai bomb blast verdicts have once again been postponed.Whats new justice has mostly been denied to the common man in India.
World press is reporting One more plot foiled in Uk
As it is, thanks to overzealous human rights activists with an agenda, the overall failure of juduciary,the Politics of Votes preached by the ruling combine in Mah, and a politically appointed less than competent police commissioner, and the ex officio commissioner or the dance bar hating DCM of Maharashtra RR Patil ,the very effective Crime Intelligence Unit, article in TIME had been systematically targeted and disbanded and their humanint or khabri network is in shambles.
Half of them have been prosecuted,mostly for economic crimes most bureaucrats (neera yadhav,mpsc scam, vincent george etc)and politicians have also committed(in a much larger scale) and gotten away with relative ease.The rest implicated in the Kwaja Yunus case and immediately suspended and their security withdrawn.In comparison criminal politicians and history sheeters still fight elections and get state security e.g.our very own Arun Gawli and many in up like Shahabudin etc and . Read End of Days
Even if most of them are reinstated or added to the ATS it will take them time to re-establish their network and most of all,establish trust to work cohesively as a team.
One more interesting thing that struck me was that of a lawyer called Mubin Solkar.
A google search of his name lists Afroz,Dr Abdul Mateen, Nachan etc accused(or victims as samajwadis or laloo or cpi or congress might call them) of links to quaeda let and blasts like Ghatkopar, Mulund that occured in Mumbai. Like Advocate Chandrakant Mule in the movie Satya, he seems to be the legal aid of the Islamic Ummah. The ATS should keep a surveillance on him or search his premises for leads. With his specilisation god knows,he might just be readying his next defence case for the rail blast perpetrators.
Did u know
Saudi Arabia's zealous religious police can arrest and jail anyone who violates the rules of local culture. Cinemas are banned — men and women sitting in the same dark place is considered too likely to arouse mischievous hormones. Unrelated men and women riding in the same car (women are not allowed to drive) can be jailed by the religious police, a government agency known formally as the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. Before Bluetooth arrived, people here say, a man seeking to circumvent all that might write his phone number on something heavy enough to be thrown — usually a cassette tape — and toss it through a woman's car window.......from an article in the Post
If i remember right the Taliban also had mada a Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice on those lines in Afghanistan, only a lot more radical and was known to have a passion for shooting women in the head in football fields.