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Inshallah, Kashmir Will Become Part Of Pakistan

Read this interview from Outlook (editor - Vinod Mehta)with Asiya Andrabi aka Malka-ul-Maut (Angel of Death)...from the Dukkarand-e-Millat oops Dukhtaran-e-Millat
It spells out clearly the mindset and ultimate goal of all Jihadi and talibani type 4 muslims as i call them.

My organisation has a religious basis. It all started with my reading the Holy Quran, and the Holy Quran tells us that there is only one Lord. We believe in the oneness of Allah the Almighty. The whole universe has to be governed by the laws of Allah the Almighty.
So, the strong belief of Dukhtaran-e-Millat is that we want the whole universe to be governed by the laws of Allah the Almighty. Based on Islamic teachings, we are fighting against India. I am telling you that this is Islam, this is my religion. I don't believe in Kashmiriyat, I don't believe in nationalism. I believe that there are just two nations—Muslims and non-Muslims. I am a Muslim; I am least bothered whether I will be called a Kashmiri. I'm Andrabi, I'm from the Syed dynasty. I'm not actually Kashmiri, I'm Arab, my ancestors had come from Arabia to Central Asia. I believe in Islamic nationalism.
So as far as our ideology is concerned, Kashmir is not a part of India because united India was divided on the basis of religion.
Islamic teaching says there should be one ummah and we have one leader—Prophet Mohammed. The ummah is one unit and we are working on this. This is not just the job of Asiya. It may not be completed in my lifetime. It may be Asiya's son or grandson. It
Yes, this is a long-term goal. And the short-term goal is that we want accession with Pakistan. Not with the idea of Pakistani nationality but inshallah Kashmir will become part of Pakistan, if not today, then some day, it may take decades. However, I do not call myself a Pakistani but a Muslim. Maybe if one day Kashmir will be liberated, I will not be in Pakistan, but somewhere else—part of the Muslim ummah.

whoo powerful stuff

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