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Why should we pay taxes?

im back
Well was too busy as a good taxpaying citizen with taxes as the deadline is 31 of this month. Sometimes i wonder for what? They always collect taxes and when it comes time for refund it takes 6 months at least i havent gt refund for a return filed 2 yrs ago. They keep increasing targets for mumbai and the crazy itos just sit on refunds.Worse is law abiding citizens with small incomes filing returns can be unduely harassed, while large income earners get away by bribing the ito or simply not filing returns.Every CA must be well aware of the 10% rule.

The roads r utter crap,and resemble moon craters and the garbage littered at every street corner fr days on end, and nobody really cares. what is the benifit of living in south mumbai, and having milind deora as a representative? He has done nothing much in my area except show his face during elections and talk about his qualifications, just like any politician, he has not even asked a qn in parliament. we thought he was better but sadly im wrong.At least jaiwantiben had redone the roads once.

Sadly this govt and its leader reminds me about her ma in law and the bad old days of emergency. but they are stuck in a time warp and blocking and banning anything on the net is quite impossible, and anyone can find a workaround in minutes.
use http://tools.superhit.in/ it is fast and easy and convenient
for a whole list try

when i read the list of blocked sites, i also noticed one thing, they have mainly targetted pro hindu /rss websites and an anticommi blog to balance it out 1 extremist dalit website and and a few other blogs that overall didnt make much sense.

wasnt the ban supposedly enforced for banning the blogs used by terrorists for their communication? well i figured out most islamic websites r still running fine and spewing a lot of anti hindu material. The LET Founders website
http://www.jamatdawa.org/ is running just fine, so is the website of the fatwa machine http://darululoom-deoband.com/english/index.htm
i havent bothered to search many others bt there is one interesting case http://indianmuslims.in/ that somehow says, from the way the blogger posts - that all muslims r always innocent peace and hindu loving targets
and the indian state is out to get them and do injustice to minorities, and right wing hindu organsiations r all barbaric monsters just out to get them.
This is a unique angle of presentation,which is doing rounds everywhere. Roughly saying WE CAN DO NO WRONG!!!WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WRONGED !!

The fact is that politics of appeasement of the congress communists and the worst lot - the samajwadis and rjds is now backfiring on the common law abiding citizen, as he is the balika bakra or their easiest target.
The political elite of india r simply imune to the stress and anxiety faced by the common mumbaikar or the aam admi nywhere in india - cause they travel in their bullet proof cars with spg and z+security cover and their staff and secretary, get free business class tickets in air india and indian airlines, air conditioned bungalows all built and run with taxayers money.Thats not all, win an election and get pension for life. They dont face any shortages not electricity, not food, not water, not bad roads bad telephones etc, do they even pay their telephone and e/c bill? well the congress govt in punjab pays its ministers taxes.
It is like they have their own little forbidden city totally cut off from the people they represent.
All problems are reserved fr the common amm admi and especially for the bill paying middle class.

The politicians, all the same r just getting added security cover using more taxpayers money, see walk the talk on ndtv - deshmukh had atleast 25 policemen with him and they sealed an entire bridge and a platform for him to walk and talk alot of crap, lies etc with utter sincerety.
Did he hav the guts to walk with 1 or 2 plain clothes policemen among the mumbai public like a common man? if he did probably he would have to face a chappal or two. Just imagine the trouble to commuters. Also imagine the security cover sonia wd have got - they wd have to empty the station for 4 hrs and maybe also a perimeter of 200 metres and put snipers all around mahim to protect her.

Also as i mentioned earlier trains in Mumbai are absolutely filled / crammed / jampacked with people in the rush hour .
The situation is so bad that even transporting chickens in this manner would lead to protests from maneka gandhi and animal rights activists. the terrorists have now made us feel like chickens at their mercy.
The police repressed strikes by people protesting the lack of trains just a few months back im posting a link abt the same from some commi web archive.