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Terror in India

For a newsbuff like me blogging is certainly addictive and i have been spending too much time on it, anyways here s one more post:-
I read somewhere about India being a week state, and it is at almost its weakest now looking at the reactions to an ever aggressive pakistan from the khadi clads sitting at delhi. Pak has given India a list of terror camps in India and wants them dismantled
The general is an expert at media manipulation, just like our media is at manipulating or denying or downplaying the radicalisation of muslims in India.
I think the General is right.
Ah? come again, is what? u might ask me - well i m gonna repeat the General is right.How? u might ask ?
Well how come terrorists move in and out of our country with relative ease after commiting these haenous crimes? they need logistics and places to stay and sleep (as in sleeper cells)----im talking about Terror Camps and hideouts .
There are at least a dozen prominent radical separatist groups operating terror camps in India and they do operate camps in India. The only difference s that my list differs from that of mushy.
We have three primary terror ideologies that india has to deal with
1. Central Indian terror - from bihar to maharashtra to andra this is the terror fueled by maoist naxalites:- their mouthpiece being gaddar
2. North East terror includes Christian Terrorism in Northeast India knapp
3. Pan Indian Islamic terror - from jnk to maharashtra to hyderabad and calcutta to down south in kerala the network is strengthening thanks to support from east and west pakistan with the main aim of Balkanisation of India if not its merger with pakistan. ariban
The current UPA Govt will i suspect do nothing to uproot this threat except for making a few arrests as it has to protect its vote banks ... only time will tell.