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Mumbai Bog

It has been raining very heavily from yesterday nite and yet again mumbai resembles a bog. Frankly i really dont mind it as this is the first flood that reminds me of childhood days et plus- it is a sunday.
Thanks to the relentless crazy urbanisation of god forsaken corners of this city and massive cutting of marshlands and mangroves by the all powerful builder lobby, Mumbais climate has certainly changed for the worse. Mumbai was known to be a moderate place, no extreme summers and winters and rains were always normal and we had one annual flood.
Rains and floods for a mumbaikar have been kind of routine annual event.
i remember that i have seldom seen a year when our area never flooded, and the floods were a great reason to get a holiday and really chill out and have fun.We got to bunk school, unpack and launch my friends japanese dingy and play in the knee or waist deep flood water.Yes it was a problem for groundfloor residents whose whole house resembled a really messy pool party but things werent that bad overall.
The worst hit are the North Mumbai areas and things for south mumbaikars are almost no different from the yesteryears and places like nana chk lamington rd, still fill up just like before or maybe a bit more than before.

Things are different this year we had a really terribly hot summer and it felt like i was in satara or sangli not mumbai,the rains r sporadic too,it used to rain frequently and the rains lasted for a good 15 minutes to an hour, now it dont rain for 3 /4 days(i dont count 3 minute gods nature calls as rains), and when it rains it is relentless and culminates in a flood.

I think mumbaikars will have to add to the list of things to get used to like terror attacks, apathetic insensitive state and central govt,super overcrowded public transport,regular increase in taxes and zopadpattis etc. Extreme Climate and Heavy flooding.
Please visit the website of Parivartan an NGO whose team is lead by Shri Arvind Kejriwal (A mechanical engineer from IIT Kharagpur)who has just won the famed Magsaysay award. Hope Parivartan fulfils all necessary clauses of accountability in the RTI.