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Whats wrong with the BJP?

I can’t quite figure out what is wrong with the BJP after its loss in the general elections and the backfiring of the India shining campaign. What I find is that the current UPa Govt has rather nonchalantly, but quite successfully deflected, their every failure and blunder thanks to the BJP being busy sorting out its own internal squabbles.
It is the hypocritical Commis who are taking the credit of being the leading opposition party on most matters political, even though they are supporting the UPA externally for every political decision they are taking.

To be fair the BJP has had its fair bit of disasters including the sanyasin episode and the killing of Mahajan, who was one of its best faces, brains and organizers.Mr Rajnath Singh though a veteran and seasoned politician, is not the best person to manage the pompous know it all English Press and the Live TV channels.

Most supporters are quite tired of the squabbles and the disunity of command and voice both in the party and the sangh. The party, right now is most lacking a Leader or a united voice, like that of Shri Vajpayee under whom the party stood united and worked in unison.
The best thing for BJP would be to unite and reorganise and for Vajpayee to come out of his retirement to play a kind of a chief mentor like role and get the party back on track as only Vajpayee right now has, as i may put it "the vajan in his awaaz" so that everyone will sit up and listen.

Sadly the the top leadership is in a sort of a timewarp raking up old and useless issues.The comment about jinnah by Mr Advani was totally unnecessary. Everyone knows that he was a practical person who changed his tune according to the requirement, and who in pak gives a damn abt what advani says anyways? Secondly the current controversy surrounding Jaswant Singh’s statement is also backfiring. Even though it’s most likely that there might have been a mole in the Rao govt, the press has successfully inferred that this is a publicity stunt for publicising his book.
One need not say how much the indian print and tv media love the BJP.
The old guard should maintain a dignified silence and work in the background to strengthen the party instead of making a fool out of themselves thanks to the media spin.
It would have been better to raise current issues like current spy rings and moles like the war room leak and Increasing US infiteration into our itelligence establisment,infiltration of radicals in the Forces and the police, the governments failure and lack of will to combat a rise in terrorism,the threat from the masses of bangladeshis and the radicalisation of islam in pockets in kerala and meny other states etc
Also the party should go on the offensive and better present itself like what the Congress does, even though the Congress is failing on most fronts and its very publicized poverty alleviation plan(which grossly lacks accountability as the pm has pinned it on the state govts) is burning a major hole in the govts coffers, as it has already spent half the years budgeted amt in the first quarter.

The govts anti democracy and self serving measures like the office of profit bill and misleading people on the removal of notings from RTI act etc
On the economic front there is a massive rise in real inflation, interest rates, prices of all essential commodities and the difficulty faced by pensioners and investors,with investors earning negative or nil returns on deposits post inflation,
Tds hassles in SCSS etc and corruption and poor record of tax dept to disburse refunds and hounding of honest taxpayers with AIR,proposals for new forms and removal of rebates and deductions, while letting politicians and bureaucrats like laloo who paid rs 10 lakhs in cash for his daughters wedding go scot free, as rightly pointed out by Sucheta Dalal, Perils of EET and demanding TEE model, as pointed out by MrBimal Jalan
The rampant misuse of participatory notes and mauritious route used for investing in the indian markets, by local businessmen and others using havala funds and its potential for market manupulation and misuse by organised crime and terrorists.

Thats not all, the Govt which is the promoter of all oil psus is working in detriment and blatent disregard to the Companys' and small shareholders interests by bankrupting and destroying the Oil navratnas thru ad-hoc subsidy system thus starving them of funds, effecting the staff morale leading to the exodus of employees from theose companies, which in the long term only benifits the beamoth at jamnagar.

Lastly it need not keep mum abt the IC814 hiijacking and instead ask for peoples forgiveness and give the people a proper explaination abt the blunder at amritsar, and tell them about steps taken to prevent a repeat of incident.
At least the people freed were a planeload of uppermiddleclass indian citizens in exchange for 3 pakistani terrorists after some very hard bargaining against hostile terrorists dug in at kandahar fully supported by taliban and isi and pakistan.Secondly they had limited options and an israeli style`Operation Entebbe`was impossible. india today

Unlike exchange of R Sayeed, daughter of ex JNK CM and then hom minister Mufti Mmd Sayeed for 5 hardcore militants of JKLF (who also killed three other airmen) and that of Ghulam Nabi Azad's brother-in-law Tassaduq Dev for terrorists, forever cemented terrorism in kashmir
read save india rediff mjoshi
Incidently the first thing the duo of mm sayeed and gn azad did when they were chosen to lead jnk was to free terrorists and disband sog of jnk police.
must read lavkare
they must remind congress/commis of their opinion/silence during the whole episode.
They must ask the Congress govt about measures it has taken both overt and covert to bring those IC814 terrorists and the mumbai blast terrorists of 1994 to book, and why has the congress blocked anti terrorism law in gujrat?