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Save as Draft

Well, i was just typing a big post on the hypocracy and duplicity of the current upa govt at the centre and total failure of the indian state to deal with the scurge of terrorism when suddenly my browser just shut down , making me loose an hrs worth of work and typing effort as if it was a sign that all pervading sp-EyE-nx had just gotten into my windows dabba and killed my firefox to issue me a warning sign.

Valuable Lesson learnt from this episode -
SAVE UR POSTS while u type them - Save as Draft lest ur browser dies u.
As it is getting a bit late and have lot of work to do
So ill be posting it later thats for sure.
this isthe link to the toi petition
i signed up solely bcause they r claim
For every signature, The Times Of India will donate Re 1 for the welfare of those affected in the recent Mumbai blasts. Hope they keep their word.
I really think the useless govts- both state and centre wont do much more than lip service and give us loose change or chutta ... time will tell