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Institutionalisation of Corruption

The Pathak report is finally out and that too on times now- the channel whose parent is well know for its close links with the current party in power.
As expected the report exonerates the Congress party and its functionaries and nails the Singhs(Jagat and Natwar)Doesn’t this remind u of a large number of scams during the N Rao gov and the Congress rule for the last 50 years?
One thing is certain, whatever happens politicians are never punished and neither will the Singhs- cause they have been loyalists and they know a lot of inside secrets, those that the Spynx would not want outed.Time will tell if the eminent Justice has done justice or injustice, depending upon the incentives he gets in future.
Corruption is not a new issue in India and there have been scams since Nehrus time, the only difference was that the percentage never exceeded 10-25%.Read R. Upadhyay
One thing the permit raj and the Indira Congress govt did was to totally institutionalise corruption and make it all pervading, wherein no work was and is still done without a cut or percentage in any govt office and mainly noone in the Govt or bureaucracy is ever held accountable.The BJP govt could not stear clear of corruption either. The equations have reversed and the going margin is 75% to 100% at the top(Animal husbandry scam and many others).
It is difficult for an honest bureaucrat or govt servant to survive, let alone thrive in a Govt job,no wonder IAS = I AM SAFE.The Govt is going a step further and trying to make middle class citizens accountable while exempting itself from accountability.
No wonder the PM of all people wants the Right to Info act ammended and notings removed from its purview.The Govt, instead of creating a citizens database like the Social security number system in the US, has introduced PAN TIN AIR UIN etc nonstop for tracking the aam taxpayer,fines cash loans above Rs 20000 at 100% and wants to tax amt received as compensation for tragedies like the mumbai blasts etc but does not want to account for the cash donations they receive in the crores (exempt from tax)(most of it benami from businessmen, builders etc) or tax the agricultural super rich (most of whom are politicians), or have a real census of backward castes or obcs or muslims in india(including bangadeshis) as they are vote banks(not people).

Kya Kare System hi Kharab Hai